I don't know about you, but shopping is not on my list of enjoyable past times. I think I'm one of only a few women on this planet who actually does not like to shop. When I do shop, I go in, get what I need, and get out.

Apparently, when it comes to shopping during the holidays, it's stressful for a lot of people!

According to a new survey of over 3,000 people conducted by MemoriseThis.com, 86% of us say they find buying presents difficult and 65% find Christmas shopping a stressful experience.

One thing I do know about stress is that stress will amplify your biological hardwiring. Your biological hardwiring determines so much, from how you run your business, to how you load the dishwasher and even to how you shop for the holidays.

When you understand your natural hardwiring, you will actually enjoy the holidays more during what might be a really difficult time of the year for many people.

At Excellerate Success Institute, my clients learn about their hardwiring. Your wiring tells you the environment in which you best thrive. Knowing your most productive environment, thinking processes, and how you stay engaged in decision making enables you to create a winning experience in your business and during the holiday season.

How to use your biology to get the most from this holiday season:

First, determine your pace. Determining your pace gives you some insight into your natural wiring. If you’re naturally wired with low patience (or fast-paced), you are innately driven to release that internal tension in action - now. You like to know the fastest way to get things done. Stay out of the way! You are impatient and want to be rung up fast when standing in lines. You probably see this same impatience in your business.

If you’re more methodical, you like to create a sequential environment, by making a list, following the list. Let’s say you’re shopping this holiday season. Your tendency is to go to stores you are familiar with and methodically move from store to store, carefully thinking about your gift selections.

Tips to get the most from your hardwiring

The holiday season is a balancing act with enjoying the holidays and running your business. This season usually involves shopping whether it’s for your loved ones or your team.

Fast paced people do better shopping at off times, like early morning, during lunch (when others are having lunch) or about an hour before closing. You increase you odds of moving through the stores with greater ease and a faster pace, something you innately need. Better yet, shop early and online to avoid the crowds all together.

If you’re more methodically hardwired, you do best in situations where you’re not rushed. You might be better off patronizing stores you’re familiar with or the local neighborhood stores rather than the mega-malls so you can take your time.

What if you’re shopping with someone completely opposite of you?

Set up a specific time to meet. The impatient shopper bounces around the store, while the methodical shopper gets their biological needs met by selecting just the right gift – no matter how long it takes.

Pack your patience. Understand that everyone is wired a bit differently and when they get under stress, your hardwiring is amplified.

Fast-paced people (those who are naturally wired with low amount of patience) are intolerant of delays, so if the checkout lines aren’t going fast enough, this will “ping” that natural impatience of yours. Leave enough time to get through the people traffic.

On the other hand, methodical shoppers will have difficulty making a decision when you put pressure on them. If you’re shopping with someone who is methodical putting pressure on them to make a shopping decision won’t work. Instead, simply walk away to give your methodical shopper the space that they innately need to make their decision in their own time.

Enjoy each other’s differences and savor the moments by appreciating that person’s innate wiring. Keep each other in the loop on what you’re looking for. In their haste, individuals who are more impatient might miss the perfect present that may be spotted by the methodical person.

Methodical people need to be open to the contribution of the fast-paced individual. While zipping around the mall, your impatient partner might find something completely different and unique that you hadn’t put on your list for that special person in your life.

When you understand other people’s hardwiring and your own, you can make this holiday stress free.

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