Have you ever noticed that some of your friends who complain that money is tight, often seem to find money to buy a new car or some other toy that a broke person can’t afford?

Or maybe you’ve experienced this phenomenon yourself. You’re stressed about expenses but you find a way to get the newest iPhone or that hot new outfit. Emotions create desire and pretty soon you’re coughing up money you didn't know you had.

What’s cool about this behavior is that it shows you a very valuable truth: when there is emotional value in something, you find resources to attract it into your experience. An emotional pull gets your rear in gear and you find a way to make it happen.

The trick is to do this more intentionally.

I’ll demonstrate how this works.

When I first began my coaching practice, almost twenty years ago, I drove a Honda Accord. It wasn’t in bad mechanical shape but the paint was oxidizing. It didn’t feel good for a “success” coach to be driving a deteriorating car. It was a mojo killer for me.

I was clear that I wanted to upgrade my vehicle but didn’t want to spend more than $5000 on a used car. I found a BMW 325i that was perfect and at exactly the amount I was willing to spend. My desire brought me this car at a savings that seemed miraculous.

Many years later, the BMW’s paint also began to oxidize. My brother purchased a new car right around that time and my desire to upgrade my BMW was ignited. I was now hooked on BMWs and wanted a newer one. I went to the BMW dealer and found my perfect car in the first five minutes. I’d never bought a car off a dealer lot before. I came with no money, no clue about financing or pricing. They asked for a down payment of $8000. Geez! I didn’t have that kind of money available for this type of purchase.

But ohhhh! I wanted that car. I had to have it. I told them I’d find a way to finance it in the next 24 hours.

Where emotion is strong, there is a solution. I found a way. It looked crazy from the outside looking in but I was confident it would work. And it did. And as if that down payment wasn’t enough to challenge me, my monthly car payment was going to be more than my rent. I loved that car so much I was never late on a payment (even when I went through a financial crash a few years later).

So when you find yourself praying for a windfall of money, lock on to what you’d use the money for. It’s so much more compelling than focusing on a certain amount of money.

Many years back, I decided that it was time for some business debt with a partner to go "bye-bye". We’d been making payments for years on it but I guess neither of us was passionate about paying it off before that point. As soon as I made a solid decision to pay it off, it took three months and it was gone.

My irritation and decision pulled in additional income to enable us to make the goal.

Emotion is the magnet or repellent to the money we desire. The emotions related to fear are repellents. They’re like a skunk. They stink and nobody wants to go near them.

Any emotion relating to joy, love, excitement, peace or confidence will pull in money like bees to honey. Get emotional about your decision to have more money and so shall it be!

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