The poet wrote, “There’s a destiny that shapes our ends, rough hew them how we will.” I’ve lost several friends and family members, good friends in the internet community, father-in-law recently. Sad. We all will die.

Then I happened to be looking through photo albums, family albums. Oh, all the people that are no longer here that formed important parts of my life! And that can be very, very sad, too. There is a destiny that shapes our ends, rough hew them how we will.

And one of those things is we, like all of nature, although we all live on our own separate scale, assuming we don’t have a premature death, like one of my friends certainly did, sporting accident… We’re all going to die.

We have an allotted time on earth. Now it’s my suggestion that, in addition to raising your kids and making a living that you decide to make a contribution. You know, many, many people have done it, and it’s all because they made a decision.

I want to talk about then…my next step… I was visiting the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California USA… Oh, do I recommend it if you have any interest in Egyptian antiquities and you’re in the United States. Obviously, if you’re in Egypt it’s even better to be there.

At the park, near the administration building there’s a colossal statute of Thutmose III. One of the patrons of literature, the arts, and writing, specifically. So of course he’s a friend of mine.

So I am in this HoloMagic moment… Remember we’re connected with the energies of Egypt, ancient Egypt, who decided as a culture, to make a difference. They made way more than just a living and survival, in fact those who did that, we don’t even know where they are today, do we?

And the only wonder of the ancient world that still exists is the knowledge and the pyramids that Egypt contributed.

So I’m here with Thutmose and – “praying” is not the right word – but I am in sync emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I am out in front of the statute looking up, admiring, entering into it, talking, connecting. And then all of a sudden it’s like something else happens. All of a sudden we become one, there’s a mist that engulfs us, it connects us, surrounds us, infills me and it’s like there’s one mind, one spirit and one heart in ours.

And so some words come through my vessel, my body. I heard Thutmose speaking.

Because I was asking, “How do I make my largest contribution? How do I do it? I know what I want to do.”

I believe these words were meant for you. Once you go to the step to know what you want - and that takes time, effort, and connecting with your higher self - well here’s a phrase consisting of 3 simple words repeated 3 times…that’s the affirmation that I received when Thutmose and I were sharing the same soul, the same body, the same connection, the same electricity.

How did he do it? How did he recommend I do it? How did he recommend you do it?

“Use my time! Use my time! Use my time!!” Three times three, the magic triple trinity.

“Use my time! Use my time! Use my time!!” And I tell you what, that has helped me. It has helped me a lot because it reminds me of the briefness of life. Of the fact that, we can’t escape. Rough hue them how we will there is a destiny that shape our ends, we will die. It has helped me make the right choice many, many times.

And even if you believe in reincarnation, we’re certainly going to die one lifetime at a time. You’re not going to have the same identity, you’re not going to be getting the same credit for being connected with what you did in a previous life, I don’t care how…kooky some people get about this, right?

“Use my time! Use my time! Use my time!!” It reminds me of the imminence of death. It reminds me that… we don’t know. My father-in-law died of what could ostensibly be called old age… Maybe contributing, I don’t know. But my buddy, younger than me, sporting accident, he went early. We don’t know what our allotted time is. We do know that…we can leave a legacy, or we can leave just have skated by.

The choice is yours. If you are of the nature, and being with this philosophy I have a suspicion you might be, where you’ve decided how you want to contribute and you want to make a difference, and you want to leave a legacy…you want to do something important, take this affirmation from Thutmose III straight from ancient Egypt, “Use my time! Use my time! Ussssee my time!!”

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