Attract wealth by becoming a money magnet. Do this by setting and accomplishing small money goals. Once in the flow of accomplishing smaller goals immediately set larger goals.

Attract wealth by starting up a cash flow business. This is the #1 attracter of wealth. Once you start your own business you can leverage cash flow, credit, profits, value, equity etc and turn it into big money.

Attract wealth by investing in assets. Buy property, plant and equipment, businesses and things that appreciate in value. People who repel wealth fritter their money away on vacations, cloths, wining and dining and entertainment and have nothing to show for their money.

Attract wealth by drilling down on business opportunities. Wealthy people are always on the look out for money making opportunities. Having said that, they don’t just rush in and part with money. They wisely think, “How can we make this business happen without money?”

Attract wealth by mixing with people who already have wealth. Associate with people who can teach you and those how have already accomplished what it is you are striving for. You will become wealthy by a form of financial osmosis.

Attract wealth by thinking wealthy thoughts. The majority of folk repel wealth by absolutely knowing that can’t accomplish things they would like in their lives and push away positive thoughts. Wealthy people deliberately set goals of the things they would like to have and to make happen and then start to visualize those goals, thereby attracting them toward them.

Attract wealth by building a massive fire under your desire. A small desire brings small results and a big desire brings massive results. Create a dream book and think constantly about all the things that you want to make happen.

Attract wealth by becoming profit oriented. Once I became profit oriented the profits in my motorcycle shops went from 17% (new motorcycles) to 117% when we started selling used motorcycles and then to 1117% when we just sold used spares.

Attract wealth by doing your own thinking. I am a great believer in thinking on things overnight. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and if a deal is the deal of a lifetime, it’ll probably still be a deal of a lifetime, when you wake up tomorrow.

Attract wealth by massively increasing your mind power. Start thinking in pictures as must as you do in words and immerse yourself in the powerful visualization techniques. Surround yourself with a mastermind group.

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio
Ron G Holland is a seasoned entrepreneur, age 60, and has been written up as Britain's Leading Motivational Speaker, Top Biz Guru and the Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur. He gives numerous seminars and presentations and has been interviewed by TV, radio and the press on four continents. He specialises in raising equity funding for early stage and start-up companies.