As you may already know, video marketing on Youtube can bring huge amounts of free traffic to your website, resulting in thousands of dollars in sales. Unfortunately, there are very few sources of reliable information relating to “Youtube Marketing” techniques. My name is Robert Bankston, and I am an Internet Marketer and Author of the first manual dedicated solely to the most effective marketing techniques for use on Youtube.
The technique I am about to share with you is one of the many proven techniques I use for marketing products and services on Youtube, and has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in sales over the past year! This technique helps you get your video(s) on the first pages of Youtube for various categories…This technique requires planning and a little work to pull off, but it’s well worth it. Getting just one of your videos on the first pages can result in thousands of views over night, and hundreds of hits to your website(s) in a day! This is an overview of the technique, there are many details that I haven’t included here.
First, you need to upload videos to your YT channel, 20 or more, but NOT the video you want to have on the first page (yet). When you are ready to upload the video with your marketing message, go to each category on YT and see the “most responded” videos of the day…make note of the category whose “most responded video” has the least number of responses. That’s the category you will be posting your video to, because it has the least competition for the title! Now, use the BEST keywords for your niche in the title, in the actual audio of the video, and in the video description as well. Make sure to include a live link to your website in the video description. Now you are ready to rake in the viewers! Upload your video, and the MINUTE it goes live, start using your other videos as “video responses” to your new release.
What happens is that within a few minutes, your video will only have a few views (if any) yet it will have 20+ video responses (all yours)…YT computes that almost every viewer of your video is leaving a response, and they conclude it must be “the most responded” video for that category! That lands your video on the first page for the category you selected, and the many people who search the “most” categories will come across YOUR video, and view it. The more people who view it, the more popular it appears! It happens exponentially, and this technique is fairly reliable. I have used it many times to get over 10,000 legit views in a day, and drive a few thousand visitors to my websites daily! So, now you have some food for thought, consider learning the WHOLE story so you can really profit from Marketing on Youtube!
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Robert Bankston is the President of The Method Reports, llc, an Internet Marketing company that specializes in video marketing, specifically on Youtube. Robert has written 6 books that have all become best sellers online, starting with his first book, "The Method report", about marketing on Craigslist. Robert is also one of the few Internet MArketing Authors online who have actually made tens of thousands of dollars actually using their techniques, and teaches others to do the same.