One of the most desirable career paths in the highly competitive commercial world today is the controller job. Usually the controller occupies very high position in the business in any enterprise.

Basic Features

Aspirants who desire to build up the career in controller job will have to go through substantial educational and training processes. Since getting the job involves a lot of competition the quality of education and training should be very high and qualitative. Some of the basic requirements for taking to the career are –
A master’s degree at the minimum;
Degrees in finance, business administration, and accounting can help substantially in getting the controller job;
A candidate with doctoral degree can give marked advantage to the job aspirant in his or her career.
However, just education will not suffice. Prospective candidate should look for in job training for gaining required experience.

Working Up through the Ladder

No aspirant should expect to get to the top at once. Everyone will have to work from the lower levels up the top of the ladder in the career. That is why working as an accountant or other related jobs in an enterprise will give the best footing for the career aspirant to build up the career in controller job.

Duties of Controller

A host of tasks are carried out by the controller and each of the tasks will take care of a different aspect of the business. Major tasks include –
Controllers are in charge of financial administration of the enterprise where they work.
They affect all the changes of financial policies and administrative procedures.
One of the parts of the job is to ensure the principles are adhered to by the employees of the enterprise.
They will also set up different types of measures of controls that will ensure integrity in business.
Maintenance of overall integrity of the business is the major responsibility of job controller.

Employment Opportunities and Salaries

Most of the large enterprises have the post of controllers in their enterprises. Since such companies always look forward to using part of their profits for the purpose of expanding the business and the job of controller would be preparation of the investment strategies for the company. Normally the work schedule would be around 40 hours a week and the median salary comes in the range of $170,000 per annum.

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