A POS system is a combination of different hardware and software and integrates them into a system that works together for a merchant in a number of ways. A Point of Sale in Denver or anywhere can help businesses in a number of ways from processing payments, inventory checks, sales reports, online processing and more. Merchants with the right system save a lot of time, are given help in store management and can also save money. There are a variety of options to choose from, here we look at what an all in one POS system can offer.

Features to look for

An all in one POS system in Denver or anywhere should have certain features. Here is what to look for;

  1. Great user interface with a touch screen display. The transaction process is made quicker when the POS system uses touch screens and that is true of both the retail industry and the food industry. Even new employees can quickly get the hang of using them so training time is shorter and easier. Plus they are easy to clean and can handle spills and some rough handling.
  2. Customer display. Customers like to see each entry so they can track cost and that orders are correctly input. As well as satisfying customers in that way, customer displays are also a good way to advertise, show promotions that are running or display other marketing messages.
  3. An easy to load integrated printer. To give a receipt you need a printer. Too often a lot of all in one systems actually do not have a printer, merchants have to get one separately. Keep the speed up with easy to load when the employee has to change the paper roll. A thermal option is fast and also great for graphics, marketing messages and bar codes.
  4. The right POS software. You might think this was automatically included in all in one point of sale in Denver systems, but sometimes it is not! It needs to have software that suits your needs. Having it in the system already means you do not have the hassle of finding software and then making sure it is compatible, installing it, running checks and such.
  5. The latest interfaces. An all in one POS should have the latest updates and upgrades in interfacing with other devices like scanners, PCs or scales for example. LAN interfaces are essential for several POS systems to stay connected and be able to share data.
  6. A secure system. Security is essential with a POS system, something closed and embedded reduces the chance of malware and since 3rd party software cannot be installed there is no risk from there.
  7. A magnetic card reader. Any POS system in Denver and beyond should have one as it allows services like loyalty cards and so on, and means that there is no need to manually type in data which slows everything down.


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