Why Selecting Sri Lanka 7 Day Tour Out Of All The Countries

Pearl of the Indian Ocean or sometimes called as tear drop of India is one of the best places to arrange holidays to Sri Lanka. No matter how busy your life is it is recommended to pay a visit here and experience the things on your own style. Allocate 7 days from your busy life and arrange Sri Lanka 7 day tour soon. You will be amazed to see the breathtaking diversity of nature, culture, people, history and art. Sri Lanka is a multi-destination place for one to come and explore. Before you come down do a research on your own to get an idea of the destination, attraction and how you plan your 1 week tour to Sri Lanka.

First thing you should do before you come for holidays to Sri Lanka is to get some health precautions. This you should get from your family doctor. Get an idea about the vaccinations to be done or anti malaria tablets needs to be taken. Not like earlier days now the malaria risk is very low in Sri Lanka but for betterment try to avoid mosquito bites as much as possible. Even though it have a hot climate it’s much better to wear long sleeves and long trousers. You should check and get all these before you start your 1 week tour to Sri Lanka.

How To Get An Unforgettable Experience While Your Stay In Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan authentic cuisines is a must to experience on your 1 week tour to Sri Lanka. The cuisines are with full of Ceylon spices, flavors and colours. You can taste the national dish which is Rice and curry from a place where you can get variety of curries. Apart from that you can find tasty sea food from the coastal belt. There are some traditional food you can find like hoppers, string hoppers and roti in any good restaurant. Try to avoid drinking tap water as much as possible. Always drink bottled mineral water for your safety. In Sri Lanka it is a general practice to give tips once you had a meal from restaurant. If you hire a private vehicle then you can provide USD 5-10 per day to appreciate their service. If you are going on Sri Lanka 7 day tour you can provide the tip at the end of the whole trip.

Sri Lanka is world famous for gems and makes your holidays to Sri Lanka a memorable one get some precious gems from a reputed place with the gem certificates. Other than gems you can buy wood carvings, Ceylon tea, batik dresses and many more while on the Sri Lanka 7 day tour. If you are a single woman who is coming alone then you should have to be more careful when walking alone at nights. Better always get a trishaw or get in to a crowded public transport to avoid getting in to unnecessary harassments. Always keep in mind to hire cabs or tuk tuks if you want to visit any place.

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