Installing a wooden floor adds style and character to your home but like with other flooring there has to be regular maintenance.

Wooden flooring look very authentic and feel extravagant and so maintaining it is very important.

So, below are hints and advice from on how to maintain your flooring in prime condition.

The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring The benefits of wooden flooring are generous not only is it durable and stylish but it is also timeless. People usually buy wooden flooring as an investment and they expect it to last a very long time, this is why it must be preserved effectively. Don't fret however about the slightest bit of damage, wooden floors are designed to be durable.

Scratches, Stains and Spillages Furniture can scratch the surface of the floor so it is best to invest in floor protectors to go under your furniture, if you have cats or dogs it is advisable to keep their claws and claws trimmed as this will also cause damage to the flooring. The obvious benefits of wooden floors are that spillages can be cleaned up effectively however make sure this is done as quickly as possible as it can damage permanently.

General Maintenance Dust mopping and vacuuming is advised to get rid of ground in dirt that will cause damage over time. In high traffic areas of your house such as doorways it is best use rugs to protect the floor from wearing, it can also add colour and style to your interior decor. You can use specialist products designed specifically for use on hardwood whether it be for stains or just polishing- these products are always useful to have in your cupboards. So if you have flooring Allen

Aged wooden floors Waxing is a way of protecting your floor, always useful for older floors or brand new ones your want to keep in mint condition. Waxing is usually a process used on wooden floors in old houses which have been there for years Wood can be cleaned by using damp dusters or cloths, wire wool and even vinegar however never soak your floor with water as it can have damaging effects. There are wood flooring professionals who can restore your floor to mint condition with waxing and buffing, which can prove to be very worthwhile.

Weather Exposure from the sun can even change the colour of flooring in your home if exposed for too long, however this is very rare and depends on the type of wood you have used. Flooding can leave wooden floors unrepairable which is why it is recommended not to have wooden flooring in kitchens and bathrooms as it can lead to mould. If you live in a climate where humidity is irregular within the home buy a humidifier/dehumidifier to prevent cracking in between planks.

It might seem exhausting to provide upkeep on a wooden floor however the benefit will be endless and will never be out of style and add overall character to your home.

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