Pregnancy and dental care are two things that should be maintained together for better oral health as well as a healthy pregnancy. It is seen that many preggies have to face common dental issues during pregnancy and even after delivery. This happens due to lack of care for the whole nine months and this ignorance happens because during this period we neglect everything except the baby in the womb. But do you know that unhygienic tooth's harmful bacteria also goes in your tummy through the food that you eat? So, it is very important to maintain your dental care during pregnancy also.

Causes for Pregnancy teeth problems

As we all know that during pregnancy the whole body changes due to an imbalance of hormonal levels. Because of hormones, many situations arise that may affect your healthy teeth. Top dentists in Delhi have lined up some of the basic and common factors which will tell that why teeth get pain and other problems while they are pregnant:
•The most common problem of pregnancy is morning sickens which makes the body so dull that many women ignore to brush their teeth properly.
•The excess vomiting carries the acid which buildup the plaque on the teeth.
•The pregnancy craving at any time can damage the teeth. For ex- eating something at midnight and not washing the teeth properly can lead the tooth decay.
•Eating too much sugary foods thing while pregnancy also damages the tooth roots and leads to the gums bleeding.
•Too much junk food results in tooth erosion which results in cavities.

Pregnancy care tips

It is very important to take care of your oral care for a healthy pregnancy. Here are some of the best ways to prevent your teeth from various problems while you are pregnant. Here are some of them:
•Fix an appointment as soon as you get pregnant or you have started planning to conceive the baby. This will help you to know your teeth conditions.
•Consult your all medicines, protein shakes, vitamins, calcium, and iron tablets so that doctor should plan according to it.
•Take proper care of cleaning your teeth to reduce the possibility of teeth damage.
•Try to control the unexpected craving at an unexpected time. If you have eaten anything at night time then wash your mouth and teeth properly.
•Avoid sweet things, junk foods, soft drinks, and packed juices. Instead of these, unhealthy foods start to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Final Words

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