Whose fault was that? If you are still tangled in such kind of scenarios, forget it you will ever get your girlfriend back. Forgiveness is the key to unlock heart you cannot even give up, if you still have madness for your love.

This is a very common feeling among men who worry that a breakup might have been the wrong decision. Instead of failing as you try to figure out how to get your girlfriend back. Unfortunately, most guys have no idea how to do this and as a result end up doing things that only push her farther away.

Tips to get your girlfriend back:

Never push your girlfriend. Many of guys think, that's the only way left to get their girl back. But this could lead to such situation where it becomes impossible for you to get her back. This is not a physical fight where you need to try hard; it's your love and understanding which can help you to get her back.
Understand her needs. Guys try their level best from top to bottom and still find empty hands. It is very easy to understand what your girl wants. Whenever you conversation happen, you must notice her needs. What really attract her more? Where she feels happy and how she takes things positively? These small knowing can help you to get her back.
Kill your past. No fruitful result comes out, if you keep juggling with your past fights and trouble. Keep mercy for her in your heart and treat her like a new girlfriend. In such case, she would try to know more about you who ultimately give her chance to fall in love with her again. Even though you think it's her fault, let it be, ignore this and look forward.
Begging and Pleading. Many of you do believe that begging and pleading could certainly get your love back. Confession is the biggest reward you can give to your girl but knelt down on your feet and begging is a sign of needy person. Do you really think she melts down? No way and would never ever love to face you again. Avoid such idiotic stuff.
Don't back stab and rather than wondering catch her and make her realize, how much you care and still you have special corner in your heart.

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It is very important move step by step after you loose your girlfriend and it becomes more important to get girlfriend back soon. Follow such tips to get your love back and treat her more wisely to win back your love .