One of the techniques used to handle stress is Meditation. People puzzled with lot of problems will find it hard to focus. Such people will often end up creating problems for themselves. Meditation is a process which helps people attain a calm state of mind without any medications or drugs. Meditation techniques are the best ways to overcome stress. It doesn’t require any medicine or drugs; here everything is done with the mind.
Following are certain steps that aid a starter to follow these techniques as the stress management strategies.
Step1: Always try to be in a calm and quiet place to start meditation
As concentration is the key to meditation, any form of distraction can cause disturbance to the meditator. Always try to find a quiet and calm place to start your meditation. A noisy place will make it hard for you to concentrate. Also, meditate with your eyes closed. This is because your senses of hearing will be twice as good as it is always when you close your eyes for meditating.
Beginners can start their meditation at home because you can meditate alone closing the door of your room. You can tell this to everyone at home so they reduce all the noise in the house, so that you can meditate at peace.
Step 2: Choose your position and be ready
Beginners can meditate in the lotus position or sit on a chair with your hands on the armrest or on your lap. Avoid lying down when practicing meditation during your early stages of meditating. This is because you will definitely fall asleep when your mind arrives at a tranquil state. Therefore it is best and suggested for the beginners to start meditating with their back straight so you never sleep while meditating.
Step3: Begin meditating with the breath exercise
The best way to start your meditation is with the breathing exercise. The breathing exercise starts with you inhaling through your nose and exhaling through the mouth. Continuing this will help you reach regularity which will be the focal point. Your body will have the sufficient quantity of oxygen to keep you in a tranquil state. This can be continued until you breathe without even thinking or having it in your mind.
Step 4: Make your mind the center of attention
Continuing your breathing exercise, at a particular state your mind will attain the tranquil state or the relaxed state. At this point, the mind will start showing you pictures and images of your past, present, future, your worries, happy moments, fears and many more. These thoughts will be hard to ignore but you should not ignore and you have to start focusing on these images and thoughts without showing any interest in them.
At one particular time these images and thoughts moving around will stop, and you will realize that your mind is blank as never before. You’ll now attain the beginner’s stage. After you reach this state, you will start seeing that all the issues that you faced in your life are coming in front of you. Then you have to wait in that state until you get a solution to your key issues. This is how a beginner masters the basics of stress management program.

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