Throughout ages there has always been a demand to make things easier and uncomplicated. Therefore, if we compare present scenario with the previous one, our lives are much easier as compared to previous situation. New and advanced technology has emerged and now we have more options to simplify our work. For instance, there are ways and means to make and your task easier. Moreover, some of the equipments are used for household chores while the same are used for research and development applications or for scientific applications.

These equipments are comfortable and convenient to use. “Convenience is not a curse at all but a blessing.” For instance, for cooking purposes ovens are used for heating, baking or drying of a substance. Similarly, for several research and development projects or scientific applications industrial drying ovens are used and we are leading manufacturers of industrial drying ovens. These ovens are used for small or large value applications. They are used for chemical processing, food production, and even in the electronics industry.

Salt spray test is a method that is used to check the corrosion resistance of coated samples. The equipment in which these tests are performed is called salt spray rooms. These coatings provide corrosion resistance to metallic parts that are made of steel, zamak, or brass. The apparatus for testing is closed in a chamber and tests are performed to find out how much durable the material is when it comes in contact with salt. In a way, these tests check the flexibility of a material in presence of salt.

The duration of tests depends on the corrosion resistance of the coating, the more the corrosion resistant the longer the period in testing without showing signs of corrosion. This method is extremely cheap, quick, well standardized and reasonably repeatable. This test is widely used in industrial sector for evaluation of corrosion resistance of finished products and parts.

Apart from the leading manufacturers of salt spray rooms, we are even photo stability test room manufacturers in India. Photo stability test chambers are used where the samples are exposed to the light illumination of 1.2 million lux that is controlled by programmable illumination controller and ultra-violet light module which, is incorporated in the same diffuser module with protection coating, designed to provide UV light energy that can be controlled from 200 watt hour per sq.m to allow direct comparisons to be made between the drug substance and drug product.

These chambers have optional features of automatic battery charging facility inbuilt in circuit, touch button control for alarm or mute ring back, power failure alarm and R.F based alarm remote system.

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