Angular is an open source front end framework which is maintained by Google. It's used to build mobile and desktop applications and is a part of the Javascript ecosystem. The name ‘Angular’ comes from the use of angle brackets (‘< >’) which are used in HTML. It lets developers use HTML as a base template language which allows extension of HTML syntax to clearly and concisely express app components with only a few lines of code. Since all of these can be done in the browser itself, It's ideal to couple Angular with any server technology.

Angular is used for and serves a wide range of web as well as mobile applications. It is especially efficient for some particular software solutions. Angular can be used to create apps like;

1. Angular is used widely to create large scale systems catering to large enterprises or organizations needs rather than a specific user. Such applications can help the companies manage workflow and specific operations, like CRMs, ERP systems, payment processing platforms, email marketing, content management, etc.

2. Single page applications (SPAs) are dynamic applications, meaning that when a user navigates the app, the page does not reload or no page reloading happens. The data is input or received by the user, but the app does not reload the page from the server by the input output action of the user or server.

3. Angular progressive web applications (PWAs) allows web technologies to run mobile apps across platforms both online and offline. PWAs work in browsers but behave like native apps. PWAs can be used directly from the browser and do not need to be downloaded from google play or app store to run.

Angular is beneficial for both businesses and development. It works with many back end languages and combines business logic and UI. Some of the business benefits of Angular are;

●It provides effective cross platform development. The framework is widely used in native-like applications while providing progressive web app solutions that can run across mobile platforms. More and more companies are now using Angular as it imitates real native apps.

●While Angular is a complex platform, it can be used to create a comprehensive set of built in features. This helps create high quality applications.

●It gives improved speed and performance, with its diversified capabilities. Since the framework is compatible with many back-end languages and can display the data gathered in the UI very efficiently.

Angular, the modern web technology has become so popular that its out pacing traditional frameworks like jQuery. With technology giants like Microsoft, Samsung using Angular, the platform has gained popularity and reputation. Other companies like Deutsche bank, PayPal, Delta Airlines and others form an esteemed client list of Angular. The use of Angular in such diverse companies has led to an exponential growth and use of Angular over the past decade.

Angular is very popular among developers, as the cross platform design ensures development of high performance applications. Many companies are using the Angular framework to create better real time applications and also improve business growth, like;

1.Microsoft office. In 2014, Microsoft developed a pair of independent web applications that took advantage of the AngularJS framework using Office 365 API. Most of the new Microsoft office features are included in a single page view. This design enables users and businesses to collaborate and create documents.

2.Deutsche bank. Deutsche bank, one of the world’s largest leading financial service providers, uses AngularJS for the front page of their developer portal. This developer portal features the bank’s API program, which is an access point for global organizations which want to integrate the bank’s transaction system into their web software.

3.Gmail. Any time Gmail is accessed, the web app loads a single HTML page and updates all information of new messages or notifications. It has been one of the best examples for integrating AngularJS, since 2004, when it was developed as a single page emailing application. Every action, whether it may be reading an email, creating a new mail, or even switching tabs, each action is handled within a single web page by AngularJS.

4.Forbes. This world famous, global media company, whose focus is on business, investment, technology and entrepreneurship among other things, uses AngularJS to promote pages which load at a faster clip and gives a responsive user experience. In April 2020, this magazine giant achieved 173.5 million page visits.

5.PayPal. One of the largest online payment processors uses Angular to generate dynamic web pages that help support its real time feeds of transaction data.

6.Samsung. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a multinational electronics company. They have developed a fast responsive front page using AngularJS. It has used Angular to create visually appealing animations and mobile friendly transitions that enhance customer experience.

7.Delta. Delta Airlines website’s front page traffic is ranked fifth in travel and tourism category. They use AngularJS by deploying the framework on their homepage. This now helps allow customers to register flight information and do advanced airfare searches with fast loading pages and great user experience.

In conclusion, it can be said that Angular evidently now encompasses diverse industries, using its simple and ready to use components. It's an universal framework with the ability to transform the functionality and interactivity of web applications in the best possible way. An Angular development company having senior level web developers with expertise in creating and scaling web applications with JavaScript can help businesses or organizations work Angular work for them.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software.