Shutters are used for covering the doors of the patios or the glass doors that are used for partitioning the rooms. There are many types of shutters that are placed in various locations in the house. The two most important type of the shutter arrangement is bifid arrangement and bypass arrangement. They may be swing, slide, sideways or fold upon themselves to open the door. The shutters are very handy to use and make good protection for the partition doors for the room. They can be easily installed in the houses and do not require much technical assistance. Also they are used over the glass panels and French doors to cover them

The Bypass arrangement may be mounted on the inside or the outside of the door. If you have decided to mount the shutter panel on the inside, the jamb depth should minimally be four inches. The jamb is the side post or the surface of a doorway, window or fireplace. If the shutters have to be mounted on the outside than the jamb should be five inches on the top. An additional valance will also have to be mounted on the top. The valence is a short curtain, round the frame or canopy of a bedstead above a window or under a shelf. Some of the door shutters can be mounted even without the jamb on the inside. When you have to get a shutter installed at a place measure the space at the top, bottom and the middle. This will remove the possibility of having shutters that do not fit properly. It is always a good idea to ask a trained person from the company to come and take the measurement. This will ensure that the shutter is of the proper size. Also measure from the floor to sill to determine the location and take the size of the divider.

A bi-fold arrangement is one in which there are two doors each of which can fold upon itself to open the door. The bi-fold arrangements are good for patios and offices. This protects the glass doors from getting damaged and also gives a casual and useable look to the surroundings. They can also be used to partition the drawing and dining rooms in the house. When you have decided to mount a bifid door at a particular place then you need to take some measurements. The wrongly mounted door may cause trouble later.

First decide that the shutter you are using will be mounted on the inner side or the outer side of the door. If you have decided to have an inner mount than the inner jamb will be of two inches. If it has to be an outer mount than the jamb length and the valence will take up at least five inches. Also when you want to get a shutter installed on the inner side then you need to get the side frames installed. If you are not willing to get the side frames installed then you will have to increase the jamb depth.

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