In the 2007 Hollywood movie,’August Rush’, August the child prodigy stated a beautiful line that can also be applied to Graphic Designing. He said’ Music is all around us, all you have to do is listen’, to this, let us also say Graphic designing is all around us, all you have to do is look. We understand Graphic Designing as a communicating design, it is the art and practise of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual context.
Sometimes the thing that we see everyday becomes unsighted to our eyes and that is the thing with graphic designing. Often we tend to forget that our daily ritual from the early morning coffee mug to the newspaper ads to the Tv ads/ internet ads all has a hand of graphic designing. In-fact, the modern visual world would be put in a very difficult situation which is why graphic designing has always been in existence since the 136BC( The Egyptian hieroglyphics that used picture symbols) which indicates all the importance of visual or graphic designing.
Graphic designing in the modern sense of the world gives your workplace or your company an identity, a meaning .It is indeed one of the most persistent forms of art in our world today, and it is not short of communication by means of visual images with different style and complexity. Let us take a look into one of the recognised symbol in avail today, the WHO, the specialized agency of the UN concerned with international public health has a symbol of a staff with a snake circling it in-turn encircled by leaves. The staff here represents the staff of the ancient Greek physician also known as the God of healing and the snake represents rejuvenation and renewal of youth as it casts off its skin. All these meticulous visual symbolisms points out the message behind why they employ it so.
In-fact, our modern world of everyday logos starting from our favourite diet coke to the packaging of the things we ordered online like Amazon, the logo of the arrow indicating Amazon selling everything from A to Z ,to the imagery of website social media such as the tweeting bird, Twitter. The use of graphic designing is so pervasive that it would be impossible to name them all. However, graphic designing also not only deals with the tangible things such as the brochure from the store, the menu in the restaurant, the post-card in the mail, graphic designing is also more about cultures, values and ideas.
Graphic designing also includes the branding and marketing of services, information, technology, sports and entertainment and is hugely responsible for the increase and decrease of sales. TV ads when advertising a product always make sure to bring two products, the one they are advertising and the other one they are propagating against portrayed in a plain or without any branding. This is so because as visual beings we have the tendency to go for something more alluring than the plain one even if they have the same content.
From our most loved theme parks, to our favourite animated films, to video games to the chic and fitness magazines would be all in non-existent without the minds of the graphic designers. Unlike the visual art form, graphic designing might only be about ‘emotion’ but it is more about bringing together the latent ideas in a platter. We seldom have the propensity of not being able to arrive at conclusions as to what we want or like which is why online marketing with their samples gives us a gist of what we actually want in turn aiding us. The same is for graphic designing, it brings before us the ideas that lingers behind the back of our mind, visually.

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In the 2007 Hollywood movie,’August Rush’, August the child prodigy stated a beautiful line that can also be applied to Graphic Designing.