Internet is a global area network which connects all computer system in the world. The number of internet users in the world is about 3 billion.
People in almost every country in the world are using the Internet, with China, India, and the United States having the highest number of Internet users.
After waking up in the morning, hope in WhatsApp messenger starts with your good morning SMS, checking job updates via Email, receiving various information through YouTube and Google, with your loved ones on social media like Facebook and Instagram Chatting or status sharing is all but possible through the internet.
In our daily lives, education, business, communication, banking, medicine almost all cases, the Internet is an absolute necessity today. A study has found that the huge damage that the world would face if the global Internet system were shut down for just a minute is unimaginable.

Some common internet usage is discussed below…


Internet Business has given a new direction to trade. Business is now online. The internet is widely used for everything from buying and selling to hotel bookings, car bookings, food orders. You can learn more from 토토사이트.


The use of the internet is the most in the field of education. The reason for this can be easily understood by analyzing the character of the internet. The Internet is a huge database. Any necessary educational information is easily available from that database. Therefore, this medium can instantly spread education to any person in the world as a wise teacher. In addition, digitalization in traditional education has resulted in the extensive use of the Internet in various fields including form filling, publication of results, and issuance of notices.
The latest contribution of the Internet in the field of education is the online education system. With the help of the internet in the system, it is becoming possible to get the highest quality education at home. Moreover, the online education system is helping to make education more accessible to the people even in times of various disasters in the world.


Thinking a moment isn’t possible without using of internet. Using internet communication has become better and easier. One can call and talk to someone over the internet by video call using different applications. Now- a- days, the mailing is one of the most popular forms of communication, which is widely used in daily corporate life.


The concept of e-shopping using the internet has spread. Both buyers and sellers are benefiting from this system. Excluding the various middle class, it is becoming possible to deliver the product to the buyer at a relatively low price. Besides selling old things, the internet is also a reliable medium for online recruitment. Above all, based on the Internet alone, a variety of businesses and trades have sprung up in the current era, which is again helping countless people to earn a living.

Information Exchange

At present, the Internet is used as the most important means of exchanging information. The use of the Internet in the exchange of information ushered in a revolutionary change at its birth. Internet connection has introduced a simpler and more convenient system, breaking down all conventional practices, first for defense, and then for the exchange of information to the public. E-mail or electronic mail is just one example. An E-mail has made it possible to exchange information from one end of the world to the other at a minimal cost.


The Internet plays a very important role in entertainment. People today use the internet the most in their daily entertainment. It is possible to enjoy all the elements of entertainment by using the internet. Such as - radio, television, various video games, magazines, etc. Moreover, the use of the Internet for entertainment in the OTT platform is well known today. Numerous OTT platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime have brought world-class entertainment in the palm of people's hands at low-cost today. The lives and livelihoods of countless people have been built on the basis of this system. Moreover, various latent talents hidden in different parts of the world are getting the opportunity to express their talents using this medium.

Social Media
The latest contribution of the Internet in the exchange of information is social media. Social media has brought about a ground-breaking change in the exchange of information and communication through the use of the Internet. It can be used to communicate with any part of the world through chatting, video calls, video conferencing, etc.

Internet Abuse

Like everything else, the Internet has its ups and downs. The number of internet users is constantly increasing day by day. At the same time, its misuse is increasing. Although this technology was born for human welfare, its misuse could not be stopped completely. Extreme addiction to online entertainment is affecting the childhood of children to a great extent today. Moreover, the uncontrolled use of the internet is putting the safety of children in question.

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