Artificial putting green kits have been around for a while now - over fifty years. It was first developed to help people in cities get more exercise, and has been through a lot of changes. The first synthetic fibers were made in the 1950s by a subsidiary of Monsanto. This fiber turned out to be the father of what we now think of as Astroturf - the Monsanto trademarked artificial grass used in playing fields.

If you have been trying to decide whether or not to invest in an artificial putting green kits, then I strongly suggest that you read this entire article. Having your own artificial outdoor putting green is the best thing that a serious golfer could possible do to improve his putts and overall game.

First let me tell you one thing, if you are a serious golfer then there is nothing better than owning your own place to practice putting in your home or your backyard. Except for the actual golf course that is. Being able to relax and work on your putts from the comfort of your own home is a huge benefit when you cannot make it to the course. Even before the painting and other interior design I suggest you go out into the back yard and start planning your landscape.

Fortunately, you need not sacrifice the experience of that lush artificial putting green grass you love. Southwest Greens designs maintenance-free synthetic turf and grass that looks and feels like the real thing - not only for your lawn, but also putting greens for golf enthusiasts. Installing putting greens are a great idea because they are so realistic. They offer great bounce and feel just like you would get on a golf course. Having an Artificial putting green kits installed can also be the key to your short game success. Golf is a game that requires a good amount of practice in order to be successful at it.

The cost ends up being more than twice as high because the owner must pay to have the old green or turf removed before the new turf can be installed. We see this all the time, people buying putting greens and then having them removed because they become 'hard as a rock' or 'wash out' or become so lumpy that they cannot be putted on.

Most portable putting greens can be cleaned with a broom or a vacuum, but some turfs might require more specific care. Despite the initial investment, when you consider the savings in the long run (maintenance, watering, etc.) installing golf putting synthetic turf grass is a wise investment. You can become a master in your group of friends on the course while being green.

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