With DVR service from Charter, you can record live TV, pause a live show, replay or rewind your favourite scenes — all just by using your TV remote. With a DVR, you can automatically start, stop and resume the recording on time and watch the show whenever you want or when you have idle time.

TV remote is the key component of connecting with your Charter DVR, and you will have buttons that will let you search for shows and control buttons that support all the live TV functions, for more info on control menu give a call on Charter customer service phone number to get the detailed explanation from experts.

The Charter DVR is not only meant for recording your favourite TV programs but using this, you can manipulate the live videos in a better way in comparison to the standard VCR or digital tuner.

The installation of Charter DVR might take some time to load, but once it is done, you can explore the power of the DVR with recording options, playback and the ability to pause, rewind and resume live TV all in one place.

Point A

Learn through Steps – Recording Live Shows

Step 1
Let's start by pressing the "Guide" tab on your Charter TV remote, and wait until the Charter interactive programming guide fully loads and starts displaying live programming organized by channel and time. Now, using the ‘arrow’ keys on your TV remote and start scroll through the list of programs at a time to record the TV show you want to watch.

Step 2
Another way to record a live show is by highlighting the program and press the "Rec" button on the remote to start recording the show. You can also view additional recording options, but for that, you have to press the "Rec" button twice to open the settings for the program that you've selected.

Step 3
The best way to record your favourite TV show using a Charter DVR is by using the "Set up a Series Recording" button to record the same show at the very same time every week by selecting the "Record Series with These Settings" for recording.

Point B

Modifying Scheduled Recordings

Step 1
It's pretty simple. Simply, press the "My DVR" button on your Charter television remote and wait until My DVR gets launched on your TV screen.

Now, take your remote and press the arrow buttons to search for the scheduled recordings until you get a show that you want to edit. Select and highlight the program that you want to edit and then, press "OK" on the TV remote to load the scheduled settings.

Step 2
Next, select the "Modify Recording Settings" just to replace or change the previously saved settings. Select the "X" icon on your TV remote to cancel the scheduled recording and remember you can't undo this step, so it's better you check for the settings before you proceed further. Finally, by pressing the "R" button, you can save the changes.

Point C

Watching Recorded Programs

Step 1
Simply, start by pressing the "My DVR" button on your Charter TV online remote to get the DVR menu. Now, press the arrow buttons on your TV remote to see the recorded content on it.

Step 2
Select and highlight the recorded TV show that you want to watch, press "OK" on your TV remote, and finally, press the "Play" button to start the playback process. The DVR may ask you to start the recording from the beginning or resume from the point, where you left watching the video.

Step 3
To review or to fast-forward the TV content, simply press the "Rew" or "Fwd" buttons, and press "Stop" to completely stop the show.

Point D

Pause and Review Live TV Shows

Step 1
You can pause a live TV show by pressing the "Pause" button on your TV remote. Now, press the "Play" button to again start the live TV show that you've paused or you can press "Live" to watch the live broadcast on your DVR.

Step 2
You can also review the last minutes of live TV show by pressing "Rew" button or press the "Ffwd" button to fast-forward through the recorded content.

Bottom Line
The Charter DVR is a good choice when it comes to enhanced television viewing experience. The technology also offers the ability to stream movies and other media content from the Internet.

So, a DVR is one of the best electronics goods you can bring home for quality entertainment, and Charter technical service is also good in resolving all type of tech issues.

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