Shaving is pricey and bothersome and the results continue until the upcoming cool breeze blows by, giving you that hot goose-bump stubble. In addition, it wastes water. I also have a much better approach to attain smooth thighs for summertime.

If you are to hair removal, then there's a technique for you that's far better than shaving every manner. I would argue it is much better than any other hair-removal method, in actuality, yet I am the only one that I know who really does it. We are talking epilation, buddies. Of course, you must have heard horror stories about epilation pain. Let me tell you, all such problems can be minimized to a great extent by learning how to use an epilator properly.

In brief, an epilator only is made up of string of mechanical tweezers that may pluck numerous hairs from the face or body simultaneously. Most commonly today, epilators possess a string of plates or discs put at a revolving wheel which alternately open and close together to provide a more "tweezing" activity.

Since the unit is gradually glided throughout the skin, the hair is picked up from the open"tweezers" and grasped as the wheel moves and shuts thempull them out in the root.

Why women still prefer shaving?
This is something which lots of women do. But, shaving supplies an extremely limited solution. In a couple of hours of shaving you'll see it is beginning to return. This is called stubble.

Sad to say, the hair will grow back darker and even coarser; which makes the problem worse! Shaving isn't really a viable long-term alternative.

Types of Epilation:
Dry Epilation-
Dry epilation is the most effective method of eliminating hairs, since the water does not weigh down the hairs and push them from the skin. Hence, the epilator can grab every hair easily and permit you to complete the epilation process faster. However, dry epilation is a little more painful than moist epilation.

Wet Epilation-
Wet epilation is a lot slower when compared with dry epilation, but it is much less painful. Additionally, the capacity to epilate directly from the tub makes the procedure more convenient, as you won't have to soak in the tub before epilation then towel dry skin. Warm water can make your skin relaxed along with the feeling of your own hair being dragged less noticeable. Together with a comfortable bath pillow and a glass of wine status on a tub caddy, epilation can become an enjoyable procedure.

Why exfoliation is recommended before epilation?
The exfoliation is a vital process before epilation, which may help you avoid those nasty ingrown hairs. Have a hot shower, relax, and use a body scrub, glove, or a distinctive loofah sponge to exfoliate skin. Some epilators arrive packed with brushes which give far better results in comparison to manual scrubbing. Ahead of the epilation, ensure your epilator is fully charged (if you don't have a corded epilator) so you don't find yourself in a circumstance in which an appliance expires halfway through an epilation session.

We advise you to epilate skin at the day, as you may experience aggravation and tiny lumps after the process.

Should you epilate for your very first time, prepare for a while. Learn how to use an epilator properly. And try to keep calm throughout the epilation. Do not stop the moment you are feeling pain! You may even take a little painkiller if you can not tolerate pain.

Following the epilation, hydrate the skin. You are able to use a moisturizing body cream for glossy and smooth outcomes. If you are a beginner user, attempt to epilate after weekly. Rest assured, if you follow these steps and learn how to use an epilator, you will be epilating like a pro in no time!

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Martha is a professional hair stylist at Metropolis Salon, Columbia. She has 10+ years of experience in this industry. What sets her apart is that she is committed to healthy hair in all of her treatments and is constantly doing continuous education so that she is always able to do on-trend styles.