Do not exaggerate that Jupiter aspecting lagna will give protection. Many times that same Jupiter makes you beggar also
Once collected few horoscopes of roadside beggars, who had exalted Jupiter in their charts (Jupiter has an attribute of money / wealth)
not ONE in the Yahoo group in which it was posted as a quiz - could say that they belonged to beggars
Similarly - do not exaggerate or run into sky touching conclusions when you see many exalted planets in the chart
Lord Ram had all exalted planets in his chart - he lived in forest, did not have family life, children were separated, he died a lonely man
So exercise caution when giving predictions
Some may question on downgrading of Sri Ram / Lord Ram chart, - a small dose - it has also many positive aspects
When Lord Ram fought with Lankapati Ravan - the astral fireworks were so fearsome that
Sugriva thought - good I became friend of Lord Ram else have to bear brunt worse than his elder Vaali
Hanuman could not see anyone in that great astral weapons
Entire Ravan army was lost sight of the enemy (monkey army) in that strong astral light
It is only Jambavant (foolish or wise or intelligent) entertained the thought of fighting Lord Ram, which got satisfied in Mahabharat when Lord Krishna came in search of glazing “shamanta mani” (mani - diamond, unique - for it will fill any big vessel in which it is put - so more diamonds daily) & fought for 28 days, before his energies got exhausted & then recognized that it is Lord Krishna is the same Lord Ram but in avatar
Raavan is no child at fighting - he is only Rakshas Kind with 10 heads & innumberable death defying boons / gifts
The exalted planets in Lord Ram’s chart - gave him that power to fight an equally exalted & intelligent enemy & defeat him !!
13-Sept-2020 - See the planetary position - almost all 9 planets are in their top form. A rare event happening after many centuries
Jupiter is in Sagittarius
Mercury is exalted (Virgo)
Rahu is in its exaltation sign (Gemini)
Saturn is in own house (Capricon)
Mars in its own house (Aries)
ketu is most ideal house - sagittarius
Moon in own house (Cancer)
Sun is in Leo sign (own house)
Note: Just took a random time for a place in India & casted the chart. for the given date.
Watchout the children who are born on this day - in your neighborhood & observe their character & mental strength.

Comment : Gemini is not exaltation house for Rahu. Its Taurus

Reply: Some texts consider it to be Gemini, others Taurus. Rahu is quick witted planet who could see Lord Vishnu is playing tricks, changed his form & sat alongside of Devatas for taking his quota of Amrit (elixir) & its placement in Gemini (Mercury sign - witty & humor) amplifies that witty nature.

Interesting - such witty & foxed intelligence is detected by Sun (soul) & Moon (mind) - no other planet has that “sensors” to detect it. So such Rahus should be weary of exalted Sun or Moon or both. Also watch out Sun & Moon to give advanced warnings in any business organization for its failures or collapse …..etc.. before they actually happen & hence consider them as your advisors & benefit.

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