Do you think you consciously hold the key to all your thoughts, expressions, mannerisms, and habits? The conscious mind is not that powerful. It is the subconscious that actually controls all these.

Controlling Your Body Language

Do you find yourself unable to overcome bad habits or negative mannerisms? Do you find yourself spitting out expressions you don’t consciously mean to say? Do you find yourself revealing more than you should through your body movements? If so, that means your subconscious is betraying you because you are clearly not in control of it.

But do you know that there is a way for you to control your subconscious? This way, you can maintain consistency in all your thoughts, actions, habits, mannerisms, expressions, and behavior. You can control your words and body movements. You can send the right messages through both verbal language and body language in a consistent manner.

So how can you control your subconscious to control all communication points in your system, including your body language?

All you need are subliminal messages. These are messages that pass right under the nose of your conscious mind to go straight to the subconscious. This means the conscious mind don’t get the chance to filter them or to block them. Once absorbed by the subconscious, these messages can change the way you think, which also changes the way you act, move, and behave.

Just as you can quit smoking by sending a subliminal message to your subconscious that you are free from the smoking habit because it is not healthy for you, you can also put a stop to uncontrolled expressions and body language that give you away. This way, you can have full control over yourself.

How to Deliver Subliminal Messages

So how exactly can you embed subliminal messages into your subconscious mind? These messages get absorbed the easiest when the conscious mind is relaxed. Thus, you can try techniques that first put the conscious mind in a relaxed state such as:

• Hypnotherapy

However, if you are short on time and want to do this the easier way, you can invest in affordable but powerful subliminal products, such as subliminal videos and MP3 files, which can easily be downloaded online. Just by watching the videos or listening to the audio files, your mind will become filled with the positive subliminal messages you want to deliver. It’s that effortless. Each video or audio file takes just a few minutes of your time. It’s so easy you can even do it on your lunch time or before bed.

Reading Other People’s Body Language – Insights from the Subliminal Mind

The concept of the subliminal mind can also help you read through other people’s real body language. Now that you know about the limitations of the conscious mind, you also know that there are some aspects in other people’s personalities that they themselves cannot control. This includes body language and mannerisms, which betray their real thoughts or intentions.

Knowing this, you can now pay close attention to these uncontrolled areas of a person’s behavior to get clues about the other person’s motives, thoughts, and beliefs.

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