For many of us that are new to dating, or even those that are very experienced, using all manner of tools to improve our performance is a handy thing to have! Due to the daunting nature of dating, meeting someone for the first time, and really trying to impress, it’s great to have some tools in the toolbox, that really lighten the mood.
Having said that, used in the wrong way dating lines can spell instant disaster! So, in this article we look at some handy tips on how to use them to really make the count:
The time and the place – One of the key things with dropping a chat up line whilst out on a date, is choosing the right time and place for it. In a family pub for example you probably would not be dropping anything too risqué. Equally until you really get to know someone a little bit, you would probably refrain from anything too personal anyway.
Breaking the Ice – Whether it is a funny chat up line that helps to break the ice, or one that makes her laugh, used in the right way funny chat up lines can be great. Just try to make sure it does not come across too corny, or too rehearsed. If this happens, you can expect your great chat up line to backfire, and this does not spell good news for your chance with your date.
Expert delivery – As we touched on earlier, the way that you deliver the chat up line is everything. This means that although practice makes perfect, you do not want to overdo it. If it comes across as too rehearsed it really can sound quite fake at the same time. Having said this, its good to give it some though in advance, and perhaps even the best places in a conversation that you could drop it.
Sensitive Subjects – Try to stay away from anything that has any resemblance to a religious or political connotation. Keep things simple and basic, is the way to go. The last thing you want to do, is whilst trying to chat to your date is to really offend her in the process.
Introduce a bit of Comedy – Its well known that women love guys that can make them laugh, and studies have shown that one of the biggest attractive qualities in a man is their sense of humour. It also works a treat when you don’t have anything to say in one of those unfortunate awkward silences, which do have a habit of happening on first dates. Having a few decent chat up lines prepared which will make your date laugh can go a long way. The important thing here is maybe to have three or four ready – remember not every chat up line will suit every date, and so having a few in your toolbox can really pay dividends.
We hope the long list of chat up line no-no’s hasn’t put you off using them – they really can be a great way to attract a woman, and have success with dating in 2021!

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