Sciatica is a tingling, numbness and pain that starts in a person's lower back where the sciatica nerve is and travels down the buttocks and down the legs. It is not an actual disorder but it is a symptom of something that has caused irritation, injury or pinching of the sciatica nerve. Seeing a chiropractor in Sea Girt is an option for treatment. Here is a closer look at what it is, the symptoms, causes and how a chiropractor can help.

Sciatica caused by a herniation

When a person has a disk herniate the gel substance that can be found between each vertebrae adds pressure to the longest nerve, the sciatica nerve, leading to the common sciatica symptoms. In the lower back, it causes back pain, stiffness, pain down the buttocks and into the legs, tingling and numbness. Movement is reduced and the pain for some is niggling but manageable, but for others becomes very intense and hard to live with. The milder symptoms might even subside by themselves, but you should not ignore what caused them. The more moderate to severe symptoms will need help, you can see your doctor but you can also see your chiropractor about sciatica, Monmouth County.

A chiropractor can assess your symptoms and the cause of the problem. If it is a herniation, a pinched nerve or subluxated vertebrae then they are likely going to recommend treatments that include spinal manipulation or adjustments. There may also be some disc decompression and rehab. Seeing a chiropractor is a great non-invasive,  nonsurgical option to deal with sciatica that has been caused by a disk herniation.

Treating sciatica caused by a herniated disk

There have been studies done about treating sciatica caused by a herniated disk versus a surgical treatment option called a microdiscectomy. The results revealed that a chiropractor in Sea Girt can use the spinal manipulations they have learned and these are just as effective as the surgical option. This is good news for those with chronic sciatica who have not had much success with more traditional treatment options. In the study, almost two-thirds of the patients had the same relief from the symptoms as if they had gone through surgery. This means for many patients with LDH caused sciatica there is an alternative option to surgery that is just as effective. Even for those who might not get the full impact, there is an improvement in the symptoms.


If you have problems with sciatica Monmouth County located or elsewhere, and this is caused by a herniated disk, then this is good news. Chiropractic is a complementary method of treatment that is holistic, natural and effective. Many patients can avoid surgery. For some that is a good thing due to the cost, but there are also always risks to any surgical procedure, and now you can avoid them. No risks with infection, anesthesia, the development of scar tissue, more pain and so on. Chiropractic care is safer and more cost-effective. Just find one that is properly qualified and licensed.

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