One of the most important, and often the most difficult processes for business owners whose products and service do not fit into a standard, ‘one size fits all’ pricing model, comes in the pricing out of individual projects and subsequent proposal development. Putting together proposals and figuring out pricing for new or potential customers is a painful process when a businesses’ products or services are highly configurable based on the customer’s requirements. For these businesses there is no such thing as a quick and easy price list or barcode scan. Each proposal is as different and individual as the client it is being developed for.

In the past business owners would be forced to determine costs through complex and tedious pricing calculations, since traditional pricing software was not applicable or useable for these individualize proposals. The often relied heavily on spreadsheets and excel since the ‘hard code’ of software programs prohibited the flexibility and customization needed for these proposals. This was a time consuming process and also allowed for a large amount of human error. Fortunately, with the advent of EASA’s cost estimate software, business owners are now able to save time and money on their proposal development.

Pricing and cost-modeling software, such as that from EASA, is preferable to the spreadsheet method for cost estimation and CPQ (Costing Pricing Quoting) tool. Since it is easy to adjust variables as needed in a client or project’s individual cpq pricing. Well designed cpq software also ensures a quality user interface that will provide the needed security and functionality to further contribute to the ease of cost estimate and proposal development.

EASA cost modeling software includes the following characteristics to enhance and user interface:

1) Automation: In most cases a certain number of numerical amounts will be consistent across all proposals. CPQ software will automate these, as well as any other information or data that is consistent across proposals.

2) Customization: Field can be added or deleted, different viewers or users can be allowed access both the review and edit. The sky is the limit.

3) Ease of communication: No need to continue to waste time going back and forth with an email chain or phone call tree trying to organize and sort through the different sections of a given proposal. Even when many parties are involved or dealing with complex cost estimates, CPQ software assists the communication flow to help speed ease and accuracy of proposal development.

CPQ software can revolutionize how a company operates and the easy and efficiency that new proposals are generated. A business that really wants to grow has no choice but to re-examine at their CPQ process and the use of proposal generation process.

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