For many who own and operate their own internet businesses, the need for a merchant account is a crucial one. Simply put, a merchant account is something that allows you to accept online transactions, which can involve using credit cards or debit cards. It isn’t hard to imagine how important something like this can be for an online business.

Also, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine the necessity of making sure you have a merchant account that makes sense for your business and your needs. It comes down to choosing between two possibilities, which are free merchant accounts, or paid merchant accounts. Obviously, a new internet business will want to keep costs down, so it makes sense to want a free merchant account. At the same time, a savvy individual would probably tell you that even these days, there is really no such thing as free.

So which way is the right way to go?

Free Merchant Accounts Or Paid Merchant Accounts
One of the first things to understand with free/paid merchant accounts is that with paid merchant accounts, you are talking about an expense that can strike you as particularly high. This is certainly true when your new internet business needs to adhere to a pretty tight budget. The costs with paid merchant accounts can also vary from one provider to the other.

At the same time, many internet business owners would argue that paid merchant accounts pay for themselves many times over. Strong processing/chargeback rates are common with free accounts. Furthermore, you’re not going to get very much in the way of features with free accounts, if you get anything at all. Paid accounts can take advantage of things like customer service, which is certainly something that’s nice to have, in the event that you run into some problems with a payment. Technical service can also certainly prove to be a lifesaver. You’re not going to find that with a free merchant account.

However, “free” can be useful in the early stages. If you don’t think you can afford a paid account, then a free option can be a useful temporary solution. However, you are going to need to do some research, and determine how much you are ultimately going to need to pay in fees. Even over a short period of time, these costs can prove to be higher as a whole, than how much you would to spend for a paid merchant account.

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