When using Google Ads Brick it might be the most profitable decision you could make for your business.  In regards to search engine market share, Goggle owns almost 75%.  For all their search needs, people turn to the internet to search approximately 3.5 billion times each day. Look at that number; that is a lot of opportunities to get your brand out there.  This will increase lead, sales, conversions, and web traffic.  Simply put, Google offers this paid online advertising platform for businesses to get more potential customers.

How they work

They operate on a pay-per-click model, which means that a specific keyword is targeted on Google and the marketers make bids on that particular keyword.  They are in competition with others that are also targeting that key word.  The bids that you are making are the maximum you want to pay for an ad.

  • Example—if you have a maximum bid of four dollars and Google would determine that your cost is two dollars per click you will get that ad placement. If Google determines it is more than four dollars you will not get it.

You can also set a maximum daily budget so you will never spend more than that specific amount per day.  There are three options for your bid:

  • Cost-per-mille (CPM)—this is how much you want to pay per 1,000 ad impressions
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)—this is how much you will pay when your ad is clicked on
  • Cost-per-engagement (CPE)—this is how much you pay when someone performs a certain action on your ad, such as watches a video or signs up for a list.

Once you have decided the type of bid you are using Google will take the bid amount and pair it with an assessment of your ad.  This is called a Quality Score with the number being between one and ten.  The higher the score the better you will rank.

Your ad rank is your quality score and bid amount combined.  This is the position that you ad will appear in the search results page.  When a user sees your ad, clicks on it, the marketer will pay a small fee.  The more clicks the more likely you will be to accomplish your goal, which is getting them to make a purchase or become a lead.

Types of Google Ads

Your Google Ads Toms River fall into two categories:

  • Display network—these ads can appear on third-party websites, video ad that appears before a YouTube video, as an ad on the Gmail email platform, and more.
  • Search network—this type of ad will appear as a text ad when searching for a particular keyword and generally had the green “AD” symbol on it.


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