Looking for a great way to position your expertise in order to sell more books? An extremely effective way to do this is develop an online mini course that directly ties into the topic of your book.

The fact is mini courses are simple to create and are viewed as very high value to the recipient. Each lesson is delivered at regular intervals; daily, weekly or monthly.

The simplest way to create a course is take content directly out of your book.

One of the greatest benefits of a mini course is building an opt-in subscriber list. Mini-courses have very high perceived value and can be marketed over and over once developed. This gives you ongoing visibility and subscriber list building opportunities.

Every new subscriber is a potential book buyer.

To get the most from your efforts continually provide outstanding information to anyone who subscribers. The more value you create the more the end user will trust you. The more they trust you the more likely it is they will want more information from you such as a book.

Feasibly you could develop your mini course in a couple of hours. It’s simply a matter of determining the topic and building from there.

Here are the steps to getting your first mini-course off the ground

1. Select a main topic
2. Divide the main topic into subtopics
3. Write the content
4. Set the lessons up in your autoresponder program
5. Develop a landing page
6. Market the mini-course
After someone opts in for your mini course you have to keep in touch with your new subscriber. If you don’t they may soon forget about you and your mini course.
If you continually keep in touch with high value information you have a great chance of turning a casual subscriber into a book buyer.
A mini course is short and long-term marketing at its best. The most important thing is to begin immediately to get your first course off the ground.

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