Online social sites have become a popular destination for many businesses and individuals in terms of generating traffic! In part this is due to the discouraging pace with which search engines change their algorithms! However it can not be ignored that some of the most popular social networking sites have a humongous membership base! Of course with such large populations such as those found at these locations comes plenty of 'noise' marketers must compete with just to get heard in order to even create an interest! So how do marketers become more influential on these sites thus enabling them to more effectively deliver their message and create an interest in what they do?

Join In

You absolutely must take part in conversations and can NOT expect to simply be a casual observer and still get results! On the other hand it is also recommended to first identify a conversation or discussion where you may have something useful to offer! Remember you merely want to add value to what is already being discussed and NOT to dominate the conversation! Ease yourself into these discussions first to get people comfortable with your presence and focus on trying to create an interest in what you do later!

Check Your Facts

When making any statements or claims always be sure your 'facts' as you present them are accurate! For every fact you may share, rest assured there will be people going behind you to check for their accuracy! In order to ultimately become more influential on any of the popular social networking sites, your 'history' of statements and claims need to all be true or accurate!

Use Intrigue

One of the best ways to create an interest in anything you may be sharing with others is to NOT give out all the details! Simply give people enough to intrigue them but resist the temptation to deliver all the details at one time! By doing so this will compel others to keep an eye out for your next comment!

Timing Helps

Making comments or sharing facts when most appropriate or relevant to the 'current' conversation will give what you have to say more impact! It's amazing how the same statements or facts can carry so much more weight when shared at the right time! People always have a greater interest in or are more receptive to something when it proves to be of relevance to their current train of thought! Also by 'timing' your comments and/or statements in this way you'll be more readily accepted into the community!

Offer Useful Insights

Injecting any insights you may have into conversations you're a part of will certainly help you to become more influential with these people! In general insights are often looked upon as 'additional' or even 'unique' knowledge of a particular subject which of course gives the source, in this case you, more credibility!

Online social sites hold a HUGE potential in terms of becoming more influential in your niche as well as traffic generation! The trick for most any marketer who chooses to use popular social networking sites for business is to learn how to rise above all the chatter found at these locations! It does little good to try and waltz in and dominate any conversation since you'll be quickly drown out! On the other hand the 5 strategic approaches discussed above are very effective for allowing you to capture the attention of others in order to create an interest in what you do! In so many words you are actually dominating conversations without projecting a dominant manner! The lesson here is if you listen to what people say to learn what they want, you can deliver it in a way that enables you to become more influential within the community!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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