When people think about going to see a chiropractor it is usually in response to some kind of neck or back pain, and they are an excellent treatment for these things. But chiropractic care can help with a lot more and brings with it a lot of other health benefits. For example, it is not just an adult solution, you can find a trained and experienced pediatric chiropractor, Monmouth County or where you are. So here is a look at the benefits of using a chiropractor to help your children.

The principle of chiropractic care

The basic principle of chiropractic care is that your body moves and functions thanks to the central nervous system. This is made up of the spinal cord, the brain and the millions of nerves that extend from them. That nervous system is protected by the spinal column that consists of 24 vertebrae which are movable bones. Sometimes things can cause these vertebrae to moved out of place, or to a chiropractor, misaligned. They called it subluxation. Whether a pediatric chiropractor Ocean County or a chiropractor that specializes in something else, all base their treatment on careful manipulation to fix the subluxation.

Infants benefit from chiropractic treatment

A recent chiropractic study of more than 1000 babies found that about 95% of them had some spinal issues, mostly mild, but some more serious. This misalignment can cause a variety of symptoms that can really surprise parents including vomiting, excessive crying, not sleeping well, hyperactivity and more. When these infants received gentle adjustments there were improvements seen in these symptoms. If ignored more symptoms occur including lowered immunity so more colds and bugs especially with throat infections, nose, and ear infections.

How do children's spines become misaligned?

You might be wondering how a child's spine can suffer from misalignment. Actually, it starts earlier than you might think. The birthing process can be traumatic especially if the mother needs assistance and the doctor has to use tools like forceps or a vacuum. It causes stress on the spine and their nervous system. Then from then on as they learn to walk, climb and all of that, they are falling, being injured and more trauma can happen. These small things can add up and a pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County may need to help with the resulting subluxation.

When you are an adult you can talk to the chiropractor about the symptoms and concerns you have. Babies and young children are not able to express themselves so clearly. Look for crying excessively, scrunched up bodies, tense muscles, irritability, not eating properly, not sleeping well. A pediatric chiropractor Ocean County or one near you can assess them, talk to the parents about observations they have made and evaluate the possibility of misalignment being the cause. They will also take the baby's medical history, do an exam and talk about the labor process too. Then they can talk about treatment and be assured it is done gently and safely.

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