New kid on the block

With the demise of traditional banks due to their poor records of customer service and low returns, more and more people are looking to modern alternatives. Qazikoo is one such 'challenger bank' which takes all the rules of traditional personal banking and throws them out the window to give you the best saving and investment experience possible.


It uses apps and online technology in place of traditional brick and mortar stores, which helps to streamline the process from start up to withdrawal which in turn, making your banking hassle-free. What's more, with high encryption and security features like personal images, you can be sure that your money is safe and protected.

Finding EIS investment opportunities

The EIS (enterprise investment scheme) is a government backed scheme which is designed to help out small and medium sized businesses by giving you, the investor, generous tax breaks if you invest in them. You can avail of the many advantages, including income tax relief, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax on investments, just by pledging your money to smaller businesses which are not featured on the major stock markets. One of the difficulties of the EIS scheme is finding a suitable platform to invest in, but thanks to Qazikoo this is no longer an issue.
Qazikoo is the best digital banking platform in 2020 for investing your money in the EIS scheme and you can use this platform to find active or passive funds which offer much higher potential returns than traditional savings accounts or even stocks and shares accounts. This really is a fintech start-up which makes your money work for you.

Streamlined Service

Qazikoo prides itself on offering secure banking, with unbeatable customer service and an easy to use interface. You should never be guessing what interest you're earning or what investment vehicles you're in, so at Qazikoo the information is presented in a clear and easy to read format. This is what puts the new challenger bank leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.

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