Social networking is a huge deal in today's markets. there is so much competition in a lot of markets if you don't have your A game on your social assets you can be missing out on a ton of opportunities.

There are a few industries that cannot use traditional ways to market themselves like with a PPC campaign or with Facebook ads or Google ad words. These industries include cannabis, adult, vaporizers, gambling. So these industries need to use social media to get the word out on them, what they offer and how they can help their consumers.

This is where the social media game is needed the most. The vapor industry has an easier time nowadays to get ads on other platforms as that industry is getting more accepted into the main stream thought process. The problem with this industry is the flood of businesses starting up, making it nearly impossible for new ones to get search engine rankings and getting customers without a huge budget for SEO/SEM,PPC and ads. The market and internet is flooded with ads and articles about vaping and vaporizers. This is an industry I would not get into right now for those reasons.

The cannabis/CBD industry is another niche that cannot use the regular forms of marketing as Facebook and Google will not allow them to buy ads and ad space on their platforms. So this industry has to rely on word of mouth and using social media to gain a customer base and achieve some sort of sales of their products. By using social media they can gain brand followers and users that will in turn bring more customers with the reviews and posts of the current clients they have. Social media is a great way to build brand loyalty and then use that loyalty to bring in new consumers to then multiply the effect, if your product is helping them. A bad product can suffer from using social media as well as complaints can spread like wildfire.

There are a few companies that do specialize in marijuana marketing and cannabis SEO and can help the cannabis/CBD industry greatly in the future. These companies range in skills and scope so be sure to find one that fits your goals and budget.There is a company that advertises for the cannabis/CBD industry named Mantis Ads . They allow you to do huge ad buys and get your ads on over 2000 sites world wide.

The adult industry is also hampered by the big online ad aggregators and they have the hardest time getting regular marketing. They must resort to huge SEO budgets to get seen and have regular visitors to the sites. They also have a very difficult time getting onto social media as well, but a lot have used some very good alternate tactics to get a Facebook page. By using a modeling type of page they can be risque without coming afoul of the censors of the sites. They can however have ads on other adult sites and do very well with this type of ad approach.

Now having a gambling site is the most difficult and controversial type of site to try and promote as there are so many states that outlaw this type of site being used in there jurisdiction. Also none of the social media site (or most of them) will not allow them to exist on their platforms at all. So gaming industries must use ads on adult sites and the other fringe sites to get customers and users.

The best idea for these types of industries is to band together and use each other to promote and display ads to grow their user base, get more traffic and sales to the bottom line.

The advertising game is changing for the fringe industries that cannot use the normal mean of advertising and marketing. But they are doing a good job at finding alternatives to get more people and grow their user base and get profits to the bottom line.

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Tim V - Cannabis Marketing, SEO/SEM Expert