When large-scale usage of energy started taking place using exhaustible forms of energy like coals, fossil fuels, gas, etc. it was time to start looking for alternative sources of energy. The reason is that fossil fuel, gas, coal, etc are limited in supply and one day we will run out of them. Solar energy comes from the rays of the sun and is one of the most inexhaustible and powerful sources of energy. It can also be replenished. This is why scientists are looking at solar energy.

There are many advantages of choosing solar energy over those other exhaustible sources of energy like coal, gas, and fossil fuel.

• Cost effective with the only cost incurred in the manufacturing of the cells
• Requires no additional expense in harnessing solar energy
• Infinite source that will not run short in the future
• It does not cause pollution like other sources of energy such as coal and carbon dioxide
• Environmentally friendly

Some of the ways you can use solar energy include:

• As it is a cheap source of energy, it can be used for a variety of different applications. Small-scale industries can use it for running low-duty machines. A hybrid power system is set up for use with heavy-duty electrical loads. This is done by connecting the photovoltaic cells to diesel generators. It can also be used in television signaling stations and radio stations to get power for generating electricity. Solar energy can be used in powering aircraft warning lights and lighthouses. It can also be used for buoys, offshore navigation purposes, and traffic signals.
• You can use photovoltaic mechanisms for making home heating appliances and solar cookers. Other appliances that can run on solar energy include water heaters, composting toilets, and refrigerators. The panels are raised on the tops of roofs to harness the solar energy.
• Photovoltaic cells (PV) systems are used to run turbines to generate hydropower by a mechanism called the micro hydro system. These PV systems can be incorporated in remote areas for the distribution of drinking water. In these remote areas, it is very common to see solar pumps being used. For carrying out desalination water supple and hospital zones are equipped with PV systems. The only thing that needs to be done with these PV systems is to keep battery storage so they do not run out of supply.

In addition to the scientific inventions of solar devices the government is making solar energy more popular. When you use solar appliances at home you can save a lot of money on your electric bills. At this time, solar energy is being used on a small-scale basis for your residence, the government, and small commercial business.

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