In non-technical language, subliminal music is the difference between two sounds of the same frequency heard at the same time. This happens when you wear headphones and the sound in one ear is beats higher then the other. Assuming that you have a 90 Hz sound on one ear and another channel gives the other ear 100Hz, then the binaural beat that you will hear is the difference between the highest sound and the lowest. This would be 10Hz, that is, the difference of 100 and 90. Subliminal music and images are quite effective in persona development.

Subliminal music are only defined when they are below 100Hz. If you would like to hear this beat, then you have to use stereo headphones for the beats’ projection. The reason for this is that the left and the right ears do not exactly hear the same thing, but there are slight differences.

What is the essence of these beats to the human brain and the personality? In a process that is called entrainment, your brain automatically responds to certain frequencies and starts operating along those ranges. Therefore, this beat is essential if you want to influence the direction along which you want your brain to think. That means that if you listen to the alpha range beats, your brain will mimic the alpha range frequencies and therefore the alpha brainwaves will start working.

It has been shown that different brain waves are meant for different performances and functions in our brain. For example, if you want your brain to stop being redundant and start thinking actively to reach fast solutions, you had better enhance the Beta brain waves. If you want to relax and feel drowsy, you can try the Alpha brainwaves, which will send you to sleep faster than any lullaby.

For dreams and meditation, you can invoke them into your brain by simulating the Theta brainwaves. Seemingly, you can influence any kind of sensation in your brain by use the beats. The good thing about it is that there are no side effects at all because no sensation is drug induced. By use of this simple but ingenious method, you can be on your way to living a stress free life.

It is not like it will take you a lot of time to figure out when and where to get these beats from. These beats are in MP3 files, which are downloadable from the internet. As well as using the files to help the brain mimic the right frequencies befitting the situation, you can also get MP3 files that will help you know how to meditate.

On different sites on the internet, you will find files that are free. In other sites, you will have to pay a little fee for them. The good news is that even if you pay a small fee for the MP3 beats files, you will get more than enough value for your money. Life is too short to waste it on stress and depression. Make use of the Subliminal music and images today.

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