Mind over matter is a phrase used to mean the use of the mind to control pain or any situation that one may be in. for example one can control the brain not to feel any pain whilst placing your hand in hot water stepping on hot surface without getting burnt. It is believed that human beings have the capacity to influence factors in the physical world to get particular results. This is referred to as using the power of conscience intention; this is made available through spiritual intelligence and subliminal perceptions.

Most people are skeptical when it comes to this facts but with a little knowledge you will get to understand what this means. There are number of ways one can use the mind to affect the physical environment they may include:

Subliminal perceptions

Subliminal perceptions sessions are conducted in the help of behavior change. Mind over matter sessions are known to go way back not only to offer temporary solutions as they address the root cause of a particular behavior, influences, blockages one is going through and triggers change once and for all. It may address several issues including, stress, anxiety , depression, guilt, dealing with grief, guilt, addictions, issues of self esteem, phobias, pain related to health issues, emotional trauma, fears, relationships and helps improve performance in sports.

Recovery programs

There are various programs that may use mind over matter techniques to deal with issues affecting an individual. For example a person undergoing grief can find it really hard to deal with the pain involved with the loss. Most programs will use various techniques to help this people get their life back including dealing with fear of getting back to their normal routine before the death came to the family. Activities like trusting in you enough let go of fear includes walking on over hot coal. This exercise tries to prove to the person that fear can be overcome and with time the conditions they are facing will go away.

Listening to prerecorded messages

This is mostly used by smokers who have tried to get rid of the habit but are unable to. Professionals advise listening to prerecorded messages that contain positive messaged to help deal with this situation. The message is played certain times of the day and in the end the person are able to convince the mind that they do not smoke and then change can now come into play. Alternatively some sessions are designed in a way that the person goes for sessions where a message is transmitted through one ear and another one through the other ear, this transmits messages that are sent to the brain and wit time a person is able to stop the habit that they needed to kick out.

Subliminal perceptions and any other procedures work differently on different people as people have different recovery times. It is advised that one should visit a professional someone who has experience in this field as doing some of this activities alone can be dangerous although there are some that one can be instructed to perform alone for example the recorded messages.

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