Would you like to be able to easily fit more healthy practices into your day? Would you like to use practices which make your body feel better and ‘lift your spirits’? You can do this with your own subtle energy. Your energy is more subtle than your physical energy. You use some form of subtle energy constantly. You may be less aware of its effects and how potent it is for your immediate and long term health and life quality.

When you increase the use of your subtle energy you are healthier and stronger. When you do not use it often or well your energy is weaker.

Extending our natural subtle energy ability provides us with more information about our health and our life, what assists our growth and energy on all levels and when this is being depleted

Working with many people (and myself) to retain and regain health I have found much truth in the ancient simple subtle energy practices used every day, to be the ones which make us feel better and be healthier.

Do these practices as a natural part of each day your energy will improve and build on itself for the long term gains. e.g. It is like driving a car. If you only drive it once a week, you constantly have to re-orient yourself to the driving, weather, traffic changes and so on. If you drive twice a week your driving becomes smooth and relaxed. When you drive five or more days a week you find you are familiar with traffic flow, when to move into another lane for flow, and are less stressed by heavy traffic, poor weather driving conditions and impatient drivers.

Examples of subtle energy that affect your life energy are: love, compassion, intent, breath, thought, emotion, intuition, colour, sound, meditation and prayer. All increase your vital life force through your cells, tissues, organs, and fluids. Weave these, with intent and focus, into your daily life is fun and gives you instant feedback.

Your use of subtle energy can have a profound effect on your life and opportunities.

Using subtle energy we can and need to improve the capacity of our physical body to be healthy and cope with the increased amount of technology driven electro-magnetic energy in our life. The current emphasis on ‘clean’ environment and ensuring food and water intake is the best we can have, in insufficient unless we also attend to the capacity of our physical body to adapt to the different subtle energy frequencies coming from outside ourselves.

A huge advantage of subtle energy is you can use it to increase your creativity to enhance all areas of your life through the spiritual into the mind and body.

Through your own practices you teach and encourage your body to re-learn how to mobilize its energy for rhythm and flow (harmony), your immune system to defend and prevent stress.


To activate the subtle energy that underpins all the practices do Harmony breathing; using your abdomen. This is the ancient practice of using the abdomen as the focus for your breathing. Our first way of breathing is this way. As you breathe gently in through your nose you push out your abdomen slightly and relax your anal passage. As you exhale through either the mouth or the nose, you gently draw inwards your abdomen and your anal passage upwards, which creates a pump like action up the spine (this is subtle energy and won’t be noticed).

Harmony breathing is like when you blow air into a balloon and then release the air out to deflate the balloon. It is most effective when the exhale is longer than the inhale as it releases more stale air from the lower part of the lungs. As more stale air is exhaled the lungs have more space to fill with oxygen and increase their ability to push what is needed for the bloodstream, muscles, and other areas of the body.

It is most important when you use this method to breathe is that you take natural (small) inhales and the long exhales to release more of the stale air from the bottom of your lungs. The breathing will become stronger. If any light-headedness or dizziness is experienced it is from breathing in too hard and too long as well as trying too hard, which brings the breath up into the top of the chest.

Harmony breathing takes the body back into its natural rhythm and energy flow.

You may find this way of breathing is the opposite of your usual breathing pattern. For many reasons most people use reversed breathing all the time. This brings and keeps emotions from calming hence more stress is experience. The best time to use reverse breathing is when your want to do something outside your body such as in an emergency situation when something extremely heavy needs to be lifted or you need a burst of speed, or in martial arts. Also, when you cry you use reversed breathing. And when you laugh you use abdomen (belly) breathing.

Following are some examples of practices which will give you energy, helping you to regain and retain energy throughout the day. Like the Harmony breathing, these practices lift our endorphins, our body’s natural pain killers, plus it uplifts our spirit as our energy frequencies and range increases.

Starting the Day

This involves awakening the senses and moving your energy.

Awakening Your Senses

1. When you first wake, before moving, give gratitude for being yourself all that is your life.

2. Next do Abdomen Cherishing.

Females place the left hand on their navel with the right hand palm over the back of the left hand. Gently massage the abdominal area in circles moving from small circles outwards from the navel to the outside of the abdomen. Begin going anticlockwise and complete 36 circles (moving to the right side first which would be the 9 on the clock face). Then reverse the circles from the outside back to the navel – taking 24 circles. Males do the same number of circles with the right hand down first, covered by the left hand and moving the circles in a clockwise direction (to the left which is the 3 on the clock face).

The Abdomen Cherishing alerts the body, via the meridians, nervous system, and fluid, that it is time to move from a prone position into action. This ‘sets up’ your body flowing with positive energy to start the day. When toweling your body after shower or bath, use loving touch and tell it via thoughts or voice, how much you appreciate ALL of it

3. 10 second ‘relaxer’ – set your intent in your mind “I will relax”. Then breathe in gently and as you breathe out slowly think “I- am - re-laxed”. Do 3x = 30seconds, 6x= 1 minute.

4. Think of 1 or more positive qualities you would like to use this day. e.g. calm.

Check how you feel, then as you breathe in think the word ‘calm’, and as you breathe out think of toxins being released. Do this for 6 breaths for each quality, using only a total of 3 qualities at any one time. Notice how you feel when you complete this exercise.

5. Rocking. Breathe in as you rock up on to your toes, slowly lifting you arms up to shoulder height with palms facing upwards.

Then breath out blowing the air from your mouth, as your arms flow down to slightly past the side of your body as you lift your toes up and go back on to your heels. Begin with 5 to 10 rocks then increase gradually each day. It won’t be long before 30, even up to 100 are easy to do and invigorating. This exercise increases your energy, flow of blood and lymphatic and other fluids, and builds up physical strength.

Do a mini version of the rocking with hands and arms moving slightly forward and back matching the similar movement of your feet, whenever you are waiting and when you are in a queue such as at the supermarket checkout, the post office, bank, or other areas.

6. Every half hour stretch your whole body as you breathe in and then breathe out with a loud sigh. Releases stress and stale air.

7. As you enter your home, with your mind put all of your problems into a basket at the door with the thought you will pick them up the next morning.

When you check the next morning you will likely find the previously full basket almost empty. And you will have had a good night’s sleep.

Remember to Breathe. Take a small inhale and relax with a long exhale. Remember to do this often.Check yourself frequently to make sure you are breathing deeply into your abdomen and your shoulders are relaxed.

Author's Bio: 

Glenys Brown is the Founder of the Energy Medicine College which teaches others how they can use original energy medicine for themselves and pass it on to their loved ones as teachers and practitioners. Also a QiGong Master, Glenys produces instructional meditation audios/videos as gives workshops/classes in Australia, San Diego, Boston, Geneva and Hong Kong.


Visit her website and discover the most successful and long lasting ways to improve your wellbeing. From sleeping problems to weight loss, Qi Gong to Tai Chi, we discuss the latest methods and practices.