In most cases the fear of failure 'intimidates' people and this is why it can turn so many away from their intentions or goals! On the other hand this same fear can also help strengthen or renew your motivation as well! People often use the benefits they will experience if they successfully reach their goals as a way of getting motivated. Why not turn that around and consider what you stand to lose thereby making you fear failure and as a result giving you the drive needed to succeed!

Let's look at how we can turn these fears into a source that will make getting motivated a relatively simple act!

Establish Realistic Goals

Making your goals realistic is the key and the only type of goals you should EVER set! These objectives should be achievable in terms of your abilities and resources otherwise you are setting yourself up to fail! This is very dangerous since you may be discouraged from ever attempting to set or reach any other 'challenging' goals again! This means you'll be forever content with not improving yourself or your situation or in other words you stop living! If what you established is achievable it makes it easier for getting motivated to tackle each and every objective you've set! No sense overwhelming yourself since nothing will get done other than increasing your own frustration!

Take Action

Setting realistic expectations for yourself makes taking the 'first' step easier and increasing the probability that you'll take any action at all! Your motivation should be at its highest level once your embark upon your quest to accomplish what you have set out to do! As progress is being made you realize you 'can' do it and if you consider the consequences you face if you decide to quit you should fear failure enough to keep moving forward!

Accept Who You Are

After establishing 'doable' objectives which you have actually undertaken all that stands between you and their successful completion is a total meltdown on your part! You ready to accept that and embrace your motivation or lack thereof as who you are? We're talking pride and a admission that you are voluntarily ready to accept what appears to be the fact you are a loser! Ouch! Harsh but true! Get your ass moving and finish what you started since once you do I promise you'll set the bar a little higher for yourself the next time and succeed once again! Congratulations you now fear failure more than you do the effort it takes to succeed! Amazing what we all can accomplish by getting a little air between our butts and the couch isn't it?

The fear of failure is a common one that keeps many from even attempting to establish or reach certain goals and objectives. But what if you fear failure and all it may represent to you in such a way that it can actually strengthen your motivation to succeed! This can and is often done and the discussion above 'chronicles' the process involved in using the prospects of falling short of any goals for getting motivated! In it human nature to focus on acquiring benefits more so than doing without or even losing them simply because the prospects are more attractive! However when facing the prospects of a loss of any type the feelings that you experience are another effective way for getting motivated to prevent this from happening!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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