"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then when we summon the Will, they soon become inevitable"
~ Christopher Reeves

Have you ever wondered how sometimes you get great results, and yet other times have inconsistent results when dealing with the same situation? I wondered until I began to understand a very powerful mental faculty that I was often using incorrectly.

The Will is one of our six mental faculties that we often get confused with willpower. Yet it has nothing to do with willpower at all, which is often using brute force to make things happen. We can only do this so long. It is very different than allowing our real power to move through us by holding our vision and focus to the exclusion of all other things.

In my diet days of the past, I used willpower and lost anywhere from 10-50 pounds. I was a yo-yo dieter and all the various diets worked for a short while. Then I found myself gradually going back to my old ways. Does this sound familiar?
You can substitute any New Year's resolution or goal you have started where trying very hard and swimming up river was involved, then after some time of pushing and trying harder (which does not work), even with the best intentions we resort back to our old habits.

When we use our will however, we use our concentration for the good that we desire and create a picture in our mind of that desire. We are then acting in a harmonious way with our vision.

We also use another mental faculty to help create the pictures and images of what we desire; the imagination.

The Will becomes a centralizing principle with it's main function to keep the imagination centered on what it is we desire to the exclusion of other lesser desires.


I have worked with clients who are talented and highly creative yet unfocused because they say they have so many ideas they do not know which to pursue. I talk with them about the bright shiny object syndrome. They often go from one thing to another without focus and direction and then wonder why things are not happening for them. I assist them to use the will the correct way and to their advantage. Otherwise the mind is like a jumping monkey...going all over with no real purpose.

The way to develop our will is through the practice of concentration. To be able to hold one thought or picture on the screen of your mind to the exclusion of all the other competing thoughts or pictures takes a very strong and developed will. We have a lot of chatter going on in our minds and in order to "tame the monkey mind" we need to have some regular practice of quieting the mind.

Some may use meditation or martial arts. Bob Proctor shares a simple yet powerful practice of lighting a candle and sitting across the room from it and focusing on the flame. Every time the mind wanders and jumps around, gently bring it back to the flame and just focus on that. Eventually, you might find that you become part of the flame.

There are many other ways to tame the jumping monkey. Find something that works for you and stick to it. Soon you will see that you have a much keener ability to concentrate. Then holding a mental picture of your vision becomes easy and enjoyable. It also creates results.

Enjoy using your powerful will as you create an amazing life! This use of concentration truly is a gift....

Author's Bio: 

Valerie Lipstein, Certified Life Coach, Life Mastery Consultant and owner of Inspired Living Now Coaching Services, works primarily with entrepreneurs. She supports them to build businesses that align with their purpose and passion. She believes that being a entrepreneur is a spiritual journey of, "discovering who you are as you expand and evolve in awareness" and is a rich and rewarding path. She is passionate about her work and has seen that many business owners wait far too long before asking for help.