Today is just another day, but could it be more? What if you decided that today was going to be a special day? What would you do? The possibilities are endless. Your only limitation is your imagination. Is your imagination free or do you keep it chained to an earthly reality? What if you let your imagination soar to new and different places?

Try this exercise: You are on a planet that is warm and you are walking along a beach looking at the five moons in the sky, each a different pastel color. As you walk you encounter the inhabitants of this planet. Now visualize these people, how do they communicate with you, how do they live. Be fanciful in your ideas. You are not on Earth anymore.

Did you find it difficult to really let go and imagine freely? If so, you need to practice imagining things that are far removed from your day-to-day reality. “Why?” you may ask, because without a well-developed imagination your ability to create is weakened. It is the imagination that provides the spark for creation.

We came to Earth so that we would have the ability to use our powers of creation in the physical realm. Creation is the spirit of who and what we are. So often we are not aware of our creations on a daily basis, but we do in fact create throughout the day. If we become aware of each and everything we create during the day, including our attitude and how we interact with others, we would recognize the opportunities that are available to us each day.

If you try to make the mundane into a game of “how can I be more creative when I do this?” you are taking the opportunity to challenge your brain to think differently. Over time this helps to condition your mind to look for alternatives rather than simply doing or reacting as you routinely do. This accompanied with devoted imagination time will unlock your innate powers of creation. Imagination is the tool that sets you free to explore all that is and can be.

Author's Bio: 

Karen has been a healthcare professional and consultant for several decades. For the last 25 years, she has been dedicated to spiritual growth and learning to live with her spirit fully realized. She is assisted by a spiritual guide, in the angelic realms, called Madea. Karen has completed her first book Spiritual Novice, Begin the Journey and available her Karen also is available for personal spiritual coaching.