It has long been said that the majority of home based businesses fail within their few months of existence. These failures have been attributed to both, a lack of knowledge and a lack of marketing skills that will draw qualified leads to your business. While this may be true, knowledge and marketing skills alone will not guarantee success. I cannot begin to tell you how many online marketing programs I've bought and have never taken them out of the box or watched a single DVD or listened to a single CD. The sad thing is that these programs came with a full set of instructions as to how to make the program work. I lacked motivation and discipline.

I am quite sure many other home based business owners have found themselves in the same predicament at one time or the other. No discipline and No motivation to get started and pursue the highest levels of success. In order to become successful, discipline and motivation are two attributes the home based business owner must master. One without the other is useless. Each attribute requires a particular skill set and a detailed explanation as to how they can be used to help the home based business owner become successful. Our focus in this article is on motivation and how intrinsic motivation can be used change your behavior and drive you to a high level of success.

The word motivation in itself is a derivative of the word moving. When working as a home based business owners we must always be motivated to get ourselves moving. We use self developed incentives and conditions that get ourselves moving. In short, motivation then is concerned with the factors that stimulate or inhibit the desire to engage in a specific activity. Take this article for instance, I had to motivate myself to do some research to express my thoughts and connect the attribute of motivation to achieving success in operating a home based business.

Home based business owners must be motivated to take action in their businesses every day without exception; IF they are to achieve success. As mundane as it sometimes is, motivation is extremely important. It can influence us in complex ways. For example, as an internet marketer, there may be multiple activities or tasks that you need to be engaged in, but, on the other hand there may be just as many activities motivating you to avoid the "must do" business related activities. Understanding these principles of motivation will enable the home based business owner to get "moving" in the right direction.

Motivation is further broken down into two distinct types. They are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. We'll take a brief look at intrinsic motivation.

According to some experts intrinsic motivation is only of a single kind. It is described as motivation to engage in activities that enhance or maintain a person's self-concept. This type of motivation is more of a feel good about yourself kind of thing. Intrinsically motivating activities then, are those that engage people for no reward, other than the interests and enjoyment that go along with them or are created because of them. For the home based business owner it means money earned. This explains the motivation great composers had when creating their masterpieces.

As a home based business owner, think about what activities in which you might engage that will satisfy this need for you-make you feel good. Now, take those mundane marketing tasks that you sometimes avoid doing and let your intrinsic motivation be your guide to get them done. How much more successful would your home based business be if those tasks could be used to make you feel good and yet, make money for you? Have faith in your work. Stay the course, motivate yourself. The money will come.

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Hello Everyone, My name is Otis Brown. I have always been intrigued by the internet. And I have the greatest respect for those persons who can navigate it so well. One of my greatest ambitions was to have my own home base internet business to generate additional income for my family. I have three children and nine grandchildren and I'd like to see them live a much better life than me. Not to mention that I have to pay for one of my daughters' wedding in August of 2011. OH BOY. She ever planned an elaborate one.
Fortunately, for me I’ve begun to see the fruits of my labor with my home based internet businesses. To this end, I am looking forward to networking with other successful people on this forum to learn how to be even more successful in marketing on the internet. I would expect to use what I will learn to help others become successful. I think that's what it is all about- Helping each other. I am sure that my experiences will be helpful to someone. I look forward to networking with everyone