We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed;
    we are perplexed, but not in despair;
    2 Corinthians 4:8 (King James Version)

Many people are frightened these days and trying to figure a way to keep from losing their purpose in life. Finding your purpose is your first step in the fight to conquer your fears. Your reason for living isn't to spend all your time and energy on your job, or striving to purchase bigger and better homes or cars, etc. Your purpose is serving God's intention for you, in faith, which means your real purpose could be anything, possibly even something you are not yet doing. Living in your purpose, with passion, allows you to overcome fear and press forward. It will allow you to push past your doubts and worries, which are completely natural to experience. Does it make sense to have faith in God? Is it possible to release our fears and failures into God's hands? The answer is always yes for me but you will have to explore that path for yourself. By tapping into your abiding faith as many have, you are empowered in a way that makes it easier to release doubt and fear.

Let Go of Fear

Giving into your trepidation causes you to fail. Believing negative talk and negative speak from others paves the road to failure. This includes negative self -chatter. Be careful what you say to yourself!

Don't compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique so embrace who you are but don't shy way from recognizing your own faults. Open yourself up to wise counsel, and move ahead in your purpose. Don't view yourself through an inferior lens. There is only one like you on the planet. You are unique and special.

Remember we all have skeletons rattling around in our closets. There are no perfect people. We are blessed that there aren't because it is clear from biblical study God uses imperfect people for humanities most important missions. Moses was a murderer who went on the run, Paul was a religious terrorist hunting down followers of Jesus, Peter was a hothead and unreliable, and King David had Bathsheba's husband murdered so he could marry her. They moved on from terrible things in their lives to become incredible people who were of benefit to the greater good.

Worry over nothing and pray over everything. Give it up to our creator and move on.

Believe God's Word

Take a look a t Joshua 1:8-9

8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

The spiritual point is obvious. Become a student of God's word in the form of biblical principle. Read it daily or regularly and follow the teachings. In other words, consciously expand upon your spiritual development.

As with everything in the spiritual, there is a practical element. Whatever your current situation in life, if you are a businessperson, a professional, student, homemaker, are you studying and focusing on things that will advance your career? Are you self-investing or deliberately rounding out your experiences by studying and learning? Remember you don't have to attend formal school to do this as self -education can also be accomplished by reading, listening to audio books/pod casts, studying something under a mentor, etc. Your car and your iPod are mobile universities to take advantage of not listen to endless negative chatter.

However notice also the last line of verse 8 says "you will be prosperous and successful if you follow this instruction". Going from the spiritual to the secular the same advice will work in the vast majority of cases. Continual learning is a gift and never a burden. Becoming better at your job can open the door to promotion. Becoming better at your chosen profession can open career doors. Working at becoming better at everything you undertake makes you better, plain and simple.

Think how powerful this instruction is if you apply it both secular and non-secular parts of your life.

False Evidence Appearing Real - FEAR

Depend and Trust in God

When we think our prayers aren't answered we tend to get anxious and angry and may allow ourselves to begin to doubt God. Don't doubt. Real faith is not getting everything you pray for but instead receiving what is in God's will. When I attempted to "do it my way" I personally ended up in "train wrecks" that clearly would have been avoided if I had followed biblical principle. My life would not have been perfect (nothing ever is, after all) but I would not have been in the "bone headed" situations I put myself in.

Trust God no matter how difficult the struggle. Both good and bad things will happen in the course of your life. You don't have to continually tip the bad side of the scale by regularly making dreadful decisions.

Move Forward in Faith

Faith is progressive. The longer you follow the Christian walk (or your faith walk of choice) the bigger the reward in your life if you stay the course.

Confronting fear sometimes means facing down the thing you fear most. Even when circumstances are their most difficult trust God anyway because it will keep you on course to your "promised land".

The root of all of the negative issues in your life is fear, either yours or someone else's.

Faith in your life and faith in God will cause you to be victorious in the end.

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Author's Bio: 

Theodore Henderson is a professional speaker and business person. However, he is not a speaker who uses “canned” presentations, but one who speaks from personal experience, business know-how, and from his heart on issues that resonate with a wide audience. He coaches using universal themes of financial education, faith, perseverance and self development.

Despite 20 plus years in sales and sales management in Fortune 500 companies, when it comes to public and professional speaking, he proudly considers himself first and foremost a Communicator and Entrepreneur. He can be found at http://www.thjassociates.com