One point of influence is the law of reciprocity. This has been proven to be very effective time and time again. Even a movie was made about it. Each time you give something of value, expect other people to give you something in return. This has been proven to be true in a lot of cases.

Sometimes, when we give something to others, they unknowingly give back or even feel obliged to reciprocate in one way or another. And it also feels so good. More business is won if comes from a place of servitude. At a networking meeting I don't hold back, I'll give my best coaching/consulting and mentoring advice to those around me. Simply by giving I'm often asked to continue the conversation professionally as well.

When you fully understand how the law of reciprocity works, then you can also use it during a negotiation. For instance, when making concessions, you are basically giving away something valuable to another person or group of persons. People will feel obligated to give back with a concession, which is basically what the law of reciprocity is all about. In current times if a prospective client asks for a concession, agree (if you want them for a client) but at the same time ask them to provide a written testimonial or endorsement for your service so you can continue to market to others. This in turn might even provide greater value.

As a leader give support to your staff and you will find they will work productively in appreciation. Give what you'd like to get and use the law of reciprocity to successfully influence your personal and professional life.

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Debora McLaughlin is an ICF certified Executive & Business Coach, Consultant and Mentor. Known as the Personal Power of Influence Coach Debora works with executives, business owners and their managers to optimize profits, people and performance, creating influential leaders worldwide. She is a popular Speaker and well-known author of Blueprint for Success with Stephen R. Covey and Ken Blanchard, Roadmap for Career Success,Blueprint to Business Success Program, and forthcoming Personal Power of Influence.

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