There's been a lot of hubub around the Law of Attraction or Attraction Marketing. This concept is nothing more than pursuasion / influence packaged in a fad term -- a marketing gimmick!

There's something to it though: influence is at the core of securing a successful business. This could be as simple as having the best product at the best price and so inducing your customers to choose your product. Or it could be more complex, such as establishing a trusting relationship with your customers over time based on previous products, services, or sharing information thus leveraging the relationship using the law of attraction, and bringing them closer to you and your company.

Using the Law of Attraction is fundamentally simple:

1) Present consistency and desirability to your audience.

2) Repeat step 1.

The core of influence revolves around having others do what you wish. A common extreme, we have all seen a love-sick friend yearning for someone unattainable and doing anything to please them. The object of desire seems to have the qualities the love-sick friend obsesses over and they just can't let go. That's attraction marketing, whether or not it was done intentionally.

A more broad example would be the idea of a celebrity and the common obsession with those that have celebrity status.

To leverage the Law of Attraction, you have to put yourself, your ideas, your most desirous qualities in front of your audience. Repeatedly.

That means foregoing negativity. Focusing on positivity, confidence, and direction -- people follow leaders. Learning to step out in front and look confident while doing it is bound to bring people in behind you.

And here the Law of Attraction is on your side. You can now persuade with the influence you hold with your audience.

A cautionary note: Keep some consistency and act from a set of core principles -- nothing breeds negativity and disables attraction faster than broken trust!

Now get going and show your audience all your attractive factors!

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