By, TB Wright

If you were in a windstorm, unless you had weight, you would be blown all around. Life can be like a windstorm. Without weights, you would not be able to maintain your balance, and you would quickly lose your place. Weights allow us to focus our attention in a way that keeps our eyes on the goals we have; where it is we want to go, and where it is we are. Weights also anchor us in a way that allows us to feel free to pursue lofty goals, and to maintain the confidence that all the great work we've done to form our lives to look the way they already do, won't go anywhere while we're dancing on clouds! Weights keep us centered and balanced, like having money in the bank. This is the no stress to success method of goal completion. Weights also keep us anchored on our paths-with-heart.

There are many real, in the world weights, that we can use to anchor our attention like this. This new practice states that in order to be successful in the exact direction you desire to have success in, the key is to pick the most effective-for-our-success ones! When you know which ones to choose, each one then adds to the power of all the other weights. Choosing correctly builds up your momentum so that each day you can more easily accomplish the tasks necessary for the fruition of your goals no matter what they are. With this ease comes comfort, a true traveling on our paths-with-heart in a joyful way, so that the trip becomes playful as we go along; satisfying on the journey and at completion. Start a journey joyfully, complete the journey joyfully. Start out hassled, most likely, end up hassled! What weights give to us then, is freedom, because this weighting process is one of creating the greatest statistical advantage for being successful that we can provide for ourselves. Every new weight added then increases your advantage: A simple, straightforward, technology that works.

Those who have done this play consistently report on the effectiveness of being coached in the use of the correct weights. There are no "wrong" weights. This play isn't about adding yet another aspect of our lives to worry about. This is about simply finding out the information of "Which weights work best?" When focus is needed, weights are used to support people in successfully completing their long term projects. For instance, Tracy had as her goal, the completion of a long term project that at first seemed overwhelming. But, when the tasks of this project were separated into neat, doable packages, and when those tasks were given momentum through the use of each week's weight, week by week, she was able to easily complete her project. Easily! Her communication before being coached was that she "never" thought it would ever work out. And it might not have, that is, if she had kept on doing things the way she always did them. She clearly demonstrated that our goals work out, always by doing the next step, one step at a time. This is the no stress to success method! And, this is the advantage of having thirty weeks of seminar play. Using the tools and technology including the suggested weights for thirty weeks builds up enough momentum for the success of any short term or long term goal you have, because at any time this play can be effectively applied. To your goals! And for the rest of your life! Because your success never ends.

The practice to begin all our heart-path work with, is one that generates the most amount of self-love possible, and that would be The Loving Process© from How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself! The recommendation is to do The Loving Process daily, as you read and then practice the tasks found within these Periodic Effectiveness Reports. In this way, everything that you do will become even more effective. Because, it's all for your success!

"Success isn't what comes to you, it's what comes out of you." TB Wright

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ a thirty week online seminar designed for your success.

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