The very best gifts are those which demonstrate the degree of time and thought that has gone into them, rather than just the amount of money they might have cost. Canvas photo prints are an example of this, because as well as being stunning and impressive objects, the right subject matter can mean they are extremely personally resonant.

Coming up with genuinely original Fathers day gifts ideas has often been easier said than done. All too often, it can be tempting to fall back on the tried and trusted ideas such as a compilation CD or some book tokens, but a truly personal gift chosen with your Dad and your Dad alone in mind will make the day genuinely special. A quick consideration of the gift ideas for Dad which can now be made using your own digital images will underline just how individual and special these items can be. The combination of technology and imagination means that you can give items which are intensely personal whilst still being produced to the highest possible standard.

A good example of this phenomenon can be found in the canvas photo prints which you can now create using your own favorite photographs. Whilst canvas prints have always represented impressive gifts, the range of images available via mass reproduction is somewhat limited, and the fact that such items come ‘off the peg’ rather than custom made undeniably detracts somewhat from their allure. This problem can now be surmounted by selecting an image from your own collection which you think your Father would enjoy seeing reproduced as a boney fife work of art. It may be a favorite family photograph or, for this day above all others, an extra special image of much loved children. Once you’ve made your choice you have to upload the file to the relevant website and then use the software to design the work of art in question. This means selecting the size and shape of the print, and any special features such as sepia or monochrome printing. The canvas used is of the quality enjoyed by artists and the printing technology is such that, no matter how enlarged the image becomes, it will still be every bit as clear and sharp as the original photograph. Once the image has been printed it will be stretched over a strong wooden frame using the gallery style ‘wrap around’ technique and, since the canvas used is easily wiped clean and treated so as to be impervious to the damaging effects of sunlight, your work of art will be one which continues to look stunning for years to come.

Should you have a selection of images which you wish to use in the creation of a gift, then why not choose twelve particular favorites and set about designing bespoke photo calendars, items which will combine everyday practicality with the use of images which gladden the heart every time they’re looked at. The process of putting a calendar together is as simple as that employed for prints, and the end result can be tweaked and altered until it’s exactly how you want it to be.

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The best gift ideas for dad are those which bring together the most up to date production techniques with truly personal input, and digital photography lest you do precisely that. Gifts for Dad which range from canvas print to photo calendars are either practical or decorative but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re yours and yours alone.