The large plastic storage containers are great for storing and organizing outdoor season or special clothing items like Halloween costumes or your fluffy winter sweater. These containers are square and uniform in size, so they can be placed in a corner or on high shelves using every inch of your storage space. The heavy duty storage containers can protect clothing from plastic elements, such as a wet basement or dusty attic, and as it is obvious, you can easily get things out of the right container without joking. Here are all the ways to make the best use of plastic storage containers and bins in your home.

Casual clothing collection

Ideal for storing clothes, a clear container with lid king ids lid can be stored in the attic, basement or garage until it is time to close your closet when the closet changes. Just make sure you don’t put plastic near any hot items like the furnace or stove.

Accessories and other small items

There are many storage options for these items. You can use accessory boxes to store scarves, gloves, hats, chunky jewellery and hosiery, but these boxes can also hold other small items. Some ideas include small appliances, cables and wires, desk accessories, toys and travel toilets. Plastic rolling carts can also be used to hold small items such as hats, socks, jewellery or makeup. The three-drawer rolling cart is mobile as it is on wheels and can be used quickly in different places.

Equipment, sports equipment and cleaning supplies

These items tend to be heavy, so use these more heavy-duty plastic containers to store in your garage, on your patio, in the shed, or in any other storage space you have. This will keep these items safe and close to where you will actually use them.

Organizing files

An extra-large file tote box should be large enough to fit files for a two-person home. Once you start adding new ones, you probably need to graduate to the actual file cabinet.

Holiday decorations, outdoor fun and large kitchen items

A great, multi-use storage option for these items is a 22-gallon plastic storage container. They are wide enough to fit more than a hat; when small enough to carry easily. Size also guarantees that you will not weigh the container to the point where it is unsafe to bring it down from a high shelf.

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