The mind, as we know it, is one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. If it is disturbed in any way, the whole body’s functions are ruined. Scientists have gone a long way in trying to restore balance to any disturbances in our minds. They have been able to discover that the brain responds to our environments through certain frequencies. If the brain is under high pressure, the brain will always react in a heightened state of high frequencies. The opposite is true when a person is relaxed. The brain’s activities are not so many, thus it operates at much lower frequencies. The science of mind has helped us discover some ways in which it is able to calm the brain down through the introduction of some kinds of waves to the brain.

Scientists have discovered that theta brainwaves are responsible for what we experience when we have just woken up or when we are about to sleep. They are brain waves that operate at 4 to 8 Hz. Under these frequencies, the brain can relax to a point of induced dreaming. It is referred to as a boundary set of waveforms between the sub and the conscious mind. When at this state, we can actually access some of the hidden information that our subconscious mind is exposed to. This set of information is never obtainable in the waking mind of a person. Speculation tells us that the people who have high levels of creativity and those who can access meditation and hypnosis states quite easily have a peak level of theta brainwaves. However, certain ways of inducing theta waves in our minds can have the following advantages.

1. Stress and anxiety reduction: the stress levels of a person can be reduced through introducing inducers such as low frequency music or audio vocals. Not all the people with large amounts of these waves have a relaxed state of the mind though, but the process has been seen to work on people who have extreme low levels of the same.

2. Healing of the mind and the body: This is a system used in rejuvenating the mind. The body can receive healing when the mind is at rest. With the introduction of theta brainwaves, the link flows from the waves to the mind and finally to the body.

3. Improvement of the immune system: Since stress levels have an effect on the immune system, induced brain waves can combat this indirectly. Stress levels can be forced to reduce without chemical usage in the body, and the immune system can go back to normal when this takes place.

4. Emotional rejuvenation: Stress and depression mostly harm the emotional being of a person. The intensity of the emotional level tends to increase with the increase in the theta brainwaves. Our emotions are necessary for us to operate. We do better if we feel better, and the inverse is also true. Feelings are derivatives of our emotions, thus, if they are lured into being intensified, we can always feel better.

For this reason, Theta wave technology has been introduced to the science of mind in order to incorporate the technology in adjusting a person’s brain frequency if necessary. It has been used continuously in seeking healing, connecting with the cosmos, treating physical and emotional injury, and also in the treatment of stress. The idea has been approved and improved over time, and people have grown to be experts in thus technology. Learning process of using the theta brainwaves have actually been introduced, and anyone can get to become a Theta wave healing practitioner.

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