If you are residing in India you would surely expect news in Hindi as it is our mother language. We need to preserve our values and mother language. Maximum fraction of Indian people only knows Hindi language thus they want news in Hindi. Media houses brought a strategy to cover maximum numbers of audiences as they started to deliver news according to the different state such as Uttar Pradesh news, Madhya Pradesh news and others. This is the welcome strategy and people of India feels very happy that finally they get more attention and now they can raise their voice regarding their issues via media channels. Moreover, media channels expanded their horizons properly by adding more and more audiences. However, now people also demand that since Hindi is the mother language of India so the media channels must provide news in Hindi in accordance with the state such as Punjab news in Hindi and others. Whether it is Bihar news or Punjab news, news must be delivered in Hindi.

It is indeed a very important step towards respecting the mother language. It doesn’t mean that there is no diversity in language but mother language must be prioritized and positioned at the apex of all other languages. People of India are well educated to understand English and other language news but there should be news in Hindi whether it is punjab news in hindi or other national news in Hindi. Most of the news channels acknowledged this fact and took a hard step towards reaching to common people of India. Therefore, most of the news channels in India are Hindi dews channels. Moreover, there are multiple English news channels and this exhibits the proper balance of different languages with respect of the mother language. It is not only about news such as Uttar Pradesh news and others only must be in Hindi even Hindi news channels will broadcast at national level. Fortunately, it has been doing by the media professionals to provide Bihar news and other state news in Hindi across the globe regardless any community, caste of people.

Punjab news in Hindi will be taken as the welcome step by the people and in same way Uttar Pradesh news, Madhya Pradesh news and other state news also being delivered. Moreover, media houses target the places to deliver proper news such as Bihar news for Bihar people and other state news for other state people.

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