Every state conducts examinations for recruitment into its adminsitrative services. The state commissions are appointed for this purpose. They recruit individuals for various posts in the state government. These commissions are given the responsibility to appoint individuals based on pure talent and skills. They also manage all the functions related to the administrative exams, like designing the question paper, setting the syllabus etc. They are appointed by the government of the state which takes care of its expenses. These commissions, unlike UPSC, recruit only on the state level.
Uttarakhand Public Service Commission:
Under the Article 315, constitution of India by the Governor of Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand Public Service Commission was formed.
It has undertaken the responsibility of conducting exams for the Services of the Union and the Services of the State respectively.
It also recruits candidates through interviews conducted every year for various administrative posts in the state.
The syllabus and the pattern of the Uttarakhand Public Service Exam is also designed by highly trained group of professionals from the commission.
Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission:
Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission recruits individuals for all government jobs in Madhya Pradesh.
It recruits candidates through direct selection, promotions and transfer of services on deputation from one department to another/ from one government state to another.
It also decides the framing rules, the area for conducting the exam and personal interviews.
Rajasthan Public Service Commission:
The Rajasthan Public Service Commission consists of one chair man and six members for a period of 5 years. The members of the commission are appointed by 5 years.
It not merely appoints candidates for various posts in the Rajasthan but also advice the methods of recruitment to civil services and for civil posts.
It also deals with promotion of candidates within the state government.
Transfer of candidates within the state is also under the rule of Rajasthan Public Service Commission.
It conducts Senior Scale Promotion Exams for BCS cadre officials and also Department Exams for both cadre and non-cadre officials.
Thus, these commissions from Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh recruit capable individuals on state level. These recruited individuals can also apply for posts in central government. The exams conducted by all these commissions are very difficult to crack. Thorough preparation is required to clear these exams and the interview. There are some posts for which, direct interview is conducted. They also transfer already appointed individuals based on their work record.

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