As summers are here now, the ultraviolet rays from the sun are becoming hotter and more intense and have the capacity to reach the deeper layers of skin tissues causing damage. A number of people suffer from sunburns and heat strokes this year. Therefore, it is important to keep oneself safe from the scorching rays of the sun and its potential impacts not only on your skin but on your overall health as well.

Following are a few tips to keep yourself safe while going out this summer:

Keeping Covered

Since you cannot spend the entire season inside your home, it is always good to cover yourself as much as possible while going out. Wearing socks and gloves while driving is highly recommended, as your hands and feet are not covered in your normal clothing. Wearing sun shades, hats and carrying umbrella also help to keep you covered. As eyes are the most vulnerable part when you go out, and develops early signs of aging if not properly protected and covered, it is important to wear shades. Also, use lighter clothes and fabrics.

Use Sunblock

DO NOT forget your sunblock before sun exposure. Apply an adequate amount of sunblock a few minutes before going out. It is also important to look for the sunblock with the right level of SPF according to your environment. In Pakistan, the recommended level of SPF ranges from 20 to 30. The belief that higher is better is an utter misconception. Other cosmetics used like foundations and moisturizers should also be ideally containing SPF factor for your summer use. The use of sunblock is all the more critical during your water picnics and activities for summers, like swimming or a beach party. Also, it is great to have a pocket-friendly sunblock so you can keep it while you are out for a long while and re-apply it after every couple of hours.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink plenty of water in summers. In fact, increase your water intake even before summer season hits up to prepare yourself well for the heat, since almost half of your water intake is released when you perspire because of sun exposure. Remember, perspiring is not bad. Rather it is healthy, but only if your body is hydrated enough to perspire.

Enrich your Diet

As cliché as it may sound, but diet does create a difference. Eating ample fruits and vegetables and high fiber foods keeps you safer and healthier during summers and develops immunity against intense heat strokes.

It must also be noted here that where sun exposure in summers can potentially cause damage to your skin and your health, it is, at the same time, an essential source of Vitamin D as well for your body. The trick is to know the right time to let yourself exposed to the sun. The times after sunrise and just before sunset are usually considered good for getting out for some Vitamin D dose, as the rays are not as intense at this time as in the peak hours.

If still somehow you notice abnormal effects occurring on your skin, it’s time you book an appointment with a dermatologist right away and prepare for damage control. is one such complete healthcare platform in Pakistan where it not only informs the general public of these significant details but also provide a solution if you encounter any healthcare situation.
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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